Stephanie Conte


When you meet Stephanie Conte, a private airplane pilot, and the Chief Operating Officer of Christina Chirumbolo Consulting, you are immediately captivated by her incredible drive and enthusiasm. It’s hard not to be totally enthralled by this 28 year old self-motivated, established entrepreneur and founder of Be the Spark Charity who manages to raise and donate substantial amounts of money to benefit various causes and individuals.

This remarkable young woman started flying aircraft when she was just 21 years old. Originally, Stephanie started flying helicopters as a hobby. “I never had a fear of heights; it never even crossed my mind. I just started doing it and thought it was really cool,” Stephanie remembers. During the time Stephanie was training to be a helicopter pilot, she was a passenger on a World War II trainer plane that crashed.  The aircraft had engine problems immediately after takeoff.  It flipped in mid-air and  suddenly went down.  Miraculously, Stephanie only suffered minor injuries. “I was afraid to go up in a plane again, but with the encouragement of my friends, I was flying one week after the crash,” Stephanie says.  “At first I was scared, but at the end of the flight I was fine.  I realized that the circumstances that happened during the plane crash rarely exist when you fly. “Today Stephanie is a captain, flying large, privately owned jets.  She is also is a duel flight instructor for private planes and helicopters and as an Airline Transport Pilot, she maintains the highest credentials for flying both types of aircraft. Previously, Stephanie has worked as an Aviation Safety Inspector for the FAA.

Not only is Stephanie an established pilot, but As COO of Christina Chirumbolo Consulting, located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Stephanie oversees operations and manages approximately twenty musical artists. The consulting firm is known for developing and launching Billboard’s Platinum Artist and 2017 Grammy Award winner, Daya. “I manage the company, handle all the finances and I do mostly consulting for musical artists,” Stephanie explains. “Our company’s purpose is to develop and launch musical talent. We offer celebrity musical enrichment camps, and we launch artists independently. We have smaller scale artists to very established celebrity artists in our firm.”

Aside from managing her consulting company, Stephanie is also an independent real estate investor. She even managed to purchase her very first home when she was just eighteen years old. What is so significant and so unique about Stephanie is that she has reached an extraordinary level of success at a very young age, something most aspiring entrepreneurs only dream about. In 2015, when the vibrant mogul was just 26 years old, she founded Be the Spark Charity.           “Prior to founding the charity I always gave back to causes and not necessarily to a particular cause, but to a family or an individual who needed financial assistance. If I heard about someone who was desperately in financial need, I always felt compelled to help. Over the years I decided that I required a more organized way of donating my money. Initially, I started the charity with my own funds, and once it was established, I was able to raise money through fund raisers and private investors,” explains Stephanie. Be the Spark Charity is designed to assist and make a difference in people’s lives. Proceeds from the organization are donated to local causes such as children with disabilities, individuals who have special needs and families who are in financial distress and require immediate assistance.

Instagram:  Christina_Chirumbolo