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Mark Dvornik

Thousands of miles from New York City, the former Executive Vice President at Paramount Pictures, Mark Dvornik, speaks live on China Network TV while streaming live to 500 million users on SinaWeibo.  Dvornik, the Executive Producer for the American College Football New Year’s Bowl, is enamored with the virtues of American football, and he is encouraging the Chinese people to learn more about it and to take part in this exciting pastime. Dvornik’s commanding, passionate voice, which has led entertainment’s most lucrative sales team, excites and engages live audiences. His extraordinary speech highlighted China’s history and inspires the Chinese to write a new chapter featuring American football.

In the entertainment industry, Dvornik is known for his twenty-one years of incomparable work at Paramount Pictures. During his employment at Paramount, Dvornik was responsible for selling the most iconic shows to TV stations such as I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith, Little House on the Prairie, Happy Days, Cheers, Frasier,  and countless others. Some of these extraordinary TV shows had over 250 episodes. In addition, Dvornik distributed such noteworthy classic movies as Forrest Gump, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Ten Commandments, Indiana Jones, The Godfather, Star Trek and many more. Dvornik was responsible for leading a sales team that was so successful it managed to generate a quarter of a billion dollars annually, with the total amount of revenue raised during Dvornik’s tenure at Paramount representing over 1.5 billion dollars. “A couple of things that I love about my career are being able to mentor and inspire executives to be leaders and to provide great entertainment programming for viewers to enjoy,” explains Dvornik. “I believe when you are responsible for legacy brands you need to treat it with the same excellence as the people who created it.”

When Dvornik’s tenure at Paramount ended, he started traveling to China with Joe Wang, an American coach whose parents were from China and had a dream of taking American football there. “In China, the American football is referred to as the olive ball because of its shape,” Dvornik explains. “The Chinese people love Americans, and if we can engage them with American football, then maybe we will find our cultures will have more in common.” As American college football kicks off the fall 2017 season, it is beginning to take root at universities throughout China. “It’s not uncommon to see a group of young men with coaches shouting plays and giving signals as they engage in our American pastime,” says Dvornik.

The first New Year’s Bowl was played in February in Bao’an Stadium, in Shenzhen, China. Because there weren’t any blimps or cable systems to create aerial coverage, Dvornik had to improvise. He sought out a Chinese drone company and after exhaustive planning and flawless execution by the team, the live event provided a historic first in broadcast television history. Dvornik pushed the envelope of American football and sports coverage. He orchestrated a fleet of drones which were airborne the entire game and during the halftime concert. The fleet of drones captured angles and shots never before executed for any live sporting event. If it weren’t for the pioneers, like Dvornik and Wang, there might not be American college football expanding behind the Great Wall. This unlikely Chinese/Slovenian-American duo is currently building a legacy.

LinkedIn: Mark Dvornik