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Dr. Sivan Finkel, DMD

There are countless dentists in New York City who specialize in cosmetic dentistry, but there is only one who is an actual artist and an expert in aesthetics. This one of a kind cosmetic dentist is Dr. Sivan Finkel whose practice is at the Dental Parlour located in Manhattan’s chic Upper East Side. Dr. Sivan Finkel is one of the first dentists in America to use a Brazilian system known as Digital Smile Design which provides a more efficient and precise artistic method to enhance a patient’s smile.  Among Dr. Sivan’s many accomplishments are co-authoring the textbook, Essentials of Esthetic Dentistry; Smile Design Integrating Esthetics and Function, co-directing  NYU’s College of Dentistry Advanced Aesthetics Program, and being frequently featured as a dental expert on many national TV shows such as, Good Day New York, Fox News, and the Today Show.

Dr. Sivan Finkel is a graduate of Tulane University where he majored in art. Throughout his entire life, he was always artistically inclined and actively involved in drawing and painting.  “I always knew I had to do something artistic that was hands on, but I also wanted a career that was very stable and substantial,” he explains. As a student, Dr. Finkel tried to figure out how he could tie his artistic sensibilities into medicine. He spent many years working in hospitals interning with plastic surgeons until it finally became clear to him that plastic surgery was not his destined career path. Dr. Finkel realized that partnering with his father, Dr. Myron Finkel, a general dentist for over four decades, made the most sense. This partnership would enable Dr. Sivan Finkel to utilize his artistic talent by specializing in the field of cosmetic dentistry while working in the significant practice that his father had developed for over 40 years.

Once the decision was made to partner with his father, Dr. Sivan Finkel attended Rutgers School of Medicine where he earned his DMD Degree. He completed his residency at Columbian-Presbyterian and had two years of aesthetics training at New York University College of Dentistry. While obtaining the required dental credentials, Dr. Finkel continued to study art because he knew that developing his artistic aptitude would enable him to perfect his cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Finkel explains that his artistic designs help his patients achieve the best results which make his work incredibly rewarding. “My job is to look at each patient’s face and then based on their individual face; I decide where the teeth and gums need to go. It’s like a blueprint.  Recreating someone’s smile is so fulfilling. I don’t even draw or paint anymore. Seeing the results and how happy people are with them is so unbelievably satisfying.” As a result of his work, Dr. Finkel has found that his patients are able to obtain new jobs or get involved in new relationships. “It changes my patient’s entire face and it is life changing. People cry in my office all the time. The work I do enhances the face and makes people much more attractive. The first thing a person does when they look at someone is they look at their teeth. What your smile looks like is more important than what you actually say with words. Nonverbal is 90 percent of communication.”

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