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Permanent Touch Cosmetics

Permanent Touch Cosmetics

By Christine Montanti

Sharon Grasso began her career in the beauty industry in 1995 while simultaneously pursuing her passion as an artist. Her creativity and lifelong dedication to art, coupled with her extensive professional experience, has made Sharon one of the most skilled permanent makeup experts in the industry. Sharon has two decades of experience as a licensed aesthetician and a dually-licensed medical micropigmentation artist. She is also an instructor and advisory board member at the prestigious Long Island Nail, Skin, and Hair Institute, which offers the only New York State-approved curriculum for permanent makeup.

Known for her proficiency in permanent makeup, Sharon has managed to garner an extensive client list that comprises celebrity names ranging in age from 19 to 92. Sharon’s sought-after aesthetic services and procedures include permanent makeup for eyebrows, lips, eyelids, lash enhancements, and scar correction. She also offers a variety of laser services, including SkinTyte for skin tightening, Forever Young BBL for skin rejuvenation and rosacea treatments; laser hair removal; stem cell masks; and chemical peels.

As a NY State-licensed permanent makeup instructor, Sharon educates students on the innovative technique of microblading for eyebrow enhancement. This procedure is done by using a manual tool as opposed to a digital machine. Although microblading is currently a huge trend, Sharon maintains her own expert opinion on the innovative procedure. Sharon has spent over 20 years refining her craft in aesthetics and she believes that microblading is not always the most effective way to deposit color into the skin. In fact, Sharon’s tool of choice is a nanoneedle to create hair strokes with shading for a 3D fusion-brow.

Sharon says there is a huge misconception about tattoo machines. She explains that tattoo machines can actually create fine, natural-looking hair strokes that will last longer and will be more true to the color than a microblade. This technique is achieved by setting the pen of the digital machine for a specified penetration to get the pigment into the precise layer of skin; therefore, creating the best result. This is opposed to a microblade that actually opens up the skin with a blade to get the pigment into the skin, which tends to be a lot less consistent, requiring more touch-ups, and causing a lot more skin trauma. However, Sharon feels there is a place for microblading in the aesthetic industry providing the technician is highly skilled and the microblade is being used correctly.

Sharon currently offers her aesthetic services in the offices of nationally renowned cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg, located in Woodbury, NY, and she receives referrals from many NY-based plastic surgeons. Sharon recently celebrated the launch of a new location where she will be collaborating with the celebrity stylist Joel Warren, who has over 30 years of professional beauty experience. Warren is the co-founder of New York’s Warren and Tricomi Salon and the owner of The Salon Project, located in Saks Fifth Avenue in Huntington, NY. Warren will be opening up salons in 10 Saks Fifth Avenue stores nationwide. Sharon is incredibly excited to be showcasing a variety of her cutting-edge services and procedures using the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

Permanent Touch Cosmetics