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Introducing Sunshine Shen

Sunshine Shen is a former model who you might have seen on the covers of covers Playboy, FHM and Maxim. After a successful career as a model, Sunshine was ready to pursue a new journey in life; a life of spiritual enlightenment. “I’ve always been somewhat of a spiritualist and I always felt like there was more to life than just material things.” Sunshine states, “Now I’m more focus on self-love and abundance and really letting my inner-self shine out.”

Certified Self-Healer

“I always think that our biggest spiritual teacher in life is the struggles and tribulations that we go through, says Shen. As a certified self-healer, Sunshine wants to show people how to heal themselves after going through times of struggle. She says that it’s all about how we handle ourselves during the time that determines how well we come out of this “dark night of the soul period,” stating, “It takes years and it’s different for everybody.”

Blockages of The Human Race

Enlightenment is essentially the death of the ego. With self-realization meaning the realization of one’s potential, Sunshine mentions, “It’s so painful for people to see the world outside of the ‘me, myself and I” because they can’t imagine seeing the world from a perspective that’s outside of themselves.” She continues by saying, “We’re nothing but energy and vibration and the low vibrational events that happen to us really

come from within and people can’t let that go.”

She begins explain that “People really think it’s the universe or just the hand they were dealt, “they say ‘I don’t know why it’s happening; it’s just happening. For me, blockages that were in my life are slowly melting away and my life has to shift to more of a higher vibration than ever.”

Future Looks Sunny

This year, Sunshine plans to merge businesses with her fiancé, a very successful fitness industry titan. The plan is to create a system that helps you feel great inside and look great as well. Also, she is focusing on how to be a family in LA (a challenge in itself). Plans a big healing event in April.

Photo Credit: Nikki Ryan Photography