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How to stick to your New Year’s Resolution

New gym shoes… Check! New workout clothes… Check! New workout playlist… Check! So you’re all set…right? WRONG! Ask yourself a simple question…. What makes 2012 different than the previous years that you’ve attempted to get in shape?

Here are common mistakes that lead to the early demise of New Year’s Resolutions. First, thinking that getting in shape is just a New Year’s resolution. Fitness is a life changing commitment; it should be part of your daily routine like brushing your teeth. Second, as soon as you make a commitment to start working out you dive in head first and overdue it to the point that you burn yourself out after one week. Third, is intimidation; You enter this environment of strange looking machines and the inevitable spandex, otherwise known as the gym, and get overwhelmed. Fourth, you’ve been going strong for two weeks working it out but then you go home and look in the mirror and get discouraged when you don’t see results. Then to make matters worse you jump on the scale and see that you still weigh the same as you did two weeks ago. Huge mistake! The fifth and final mistake is you manage to maintain a good workout plan and you’re feeling better but you still eat whatever you want.

So with that being said, here are a few tips on how to avoid these common mistakes and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the year and the rest of your life. First, realize that getting fit is a life commitment. It should be a daily activity, even if you cant make it to the gym everyday there are several forms of exercise that can give you a great workout such as: running, riding a bike, and walking. Also, think about everything you do in your daily life and turn it into a workout such as, taking the steps instead of the elevator, get off the subway stop earlier and walk the rest of the way, stand as much as possible. Second, make a commitment of going to the gym at least twice a week. Start slowly and work your way up. Sign up for an exercise class and make a promise to yourself to go to that class, the second time you go try a different class or thirty minutes on a cardio machine. Committing to twice a week will ensure you don’t burn yourself out. Third, take advantage of the complimentary training session that the gym provides when you join. Doing this will give you an idea what to do while you’re at the gym. If you have already used your complimentary session and a personal trainer doesn’t fit into your budget make it a point to get to know the trainers at your gym, once you have established a relationship with the training staff they will be more inclined to help you and answer your fitness questions from time to time. Just don’t ask everyday.

The fourth tip is my favorite. Realize that transforming your body takes time. You didn’t gain that extra weight overnight so you’re not going to lose the weight overnight either. Do not rely on the scale to measure your progress. When you begin an exercise routine your body composition changes and there is increase in lean muscle mass which may not translate to loss of pounds on the scale, however you will feel better and your clothes will begin to fit differently so let this be your measuring gauge. Lastly, to effectively transform your body you must incorporate the following three components to your workout plan: cardio, resistance training, and healthy diet. If you choose to do one without doing the others, it will affect your results and take longer for you to achieve your fitness goals.

So I have just laid out your blueprint to maintain your resolution for 2012 and keep you going strong for the rest of your life. You can thank me later. By Rustin Steward