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The Newsroom: Step Into The World Of Hidden Tales

By Joshua Kokeny

In the heart of Long Island City and a quick ten minute ride over the Queensborough bridge, lies a hidden secret dining experience. Let us take you inside this exclusive experience . . .


The Newsroom · 11-01 43rd Ave, New York, New York 11101 · @newsroomny ·


Brought to you by the previous promoters of 1Oak, The Newsroom is located on the lower level of the former Z Hotel. As you make your way down the staircase, pass a grand piano usually in the hands of a talented musician, you come across what seems to be a newsstand in a subway, but one would never guess that behind a newsstand would lie such a wonderful culinary secret. As your host suddenly appears out of  what would look like a Coke machine, your entrance to The Newsroom awaits you.


Jax Taylor (Photo by David Warren /Sipa​ USA)


Here you’ll find the always entertaining Fabrice filled with knowledge of the perfect drink of choice for your evening. I personally prefer the classic Cosmo, which was the best Cosmo I’ve ever tasted, but The Front Page which features edible flowers is a very close second. They have a subtle surprise for you upon its arrival, but I’ll leave that for you to find out after you make your reservation for this coming weekend. Due to its exclusivity, a reservation is highly recommended.

Joanna Hell Joshua Kokeny, Robbie Fuhrer, Tim Lauer, Danielle, Marsin Mogielski and Luciana Pampalone

Take notice to the interior decor with beautifully vaulted ceilings, the Harvard bookshelf lining the back wall, and a great story of the broken mirrors spread throughout the whole room that your server would be happy to explain.


Do not underestimate the empanadas on the menu. With an array of different sauces to try and shells to fill, chef Ricardo Cardona, widely known as the Yankees celebrity chef as well as Hudson River Cafe, will leave you wanting more of his mouth watering dishes. The inspiration behind his dishes stems from European Latin fusion with popular dishes such as the Chickpea Dusted Sautéed Shrimp, Charred Grill Octopus and Bone Marrow with Garlic Lime Chimichurri, or my personal favorite, the Moqueca Peixa Whole Branzino, with coconut milk oozing into the rice pilaf . . . needless to say, every bite was heavenly.

Charred Grill Octopus & Bone Marrow



With all five senses being stimulated, be ready for a riveting aerial performance right before your eyes.

The talent continues with live music from vocalists, guitarists, and pianists each evening. These inspiring  musicians will be sure to leave your dinner party in awe of their incredible talents.

Anna Rothschild and Jax Taylor (Photo by David Warren /Sipa​ USA)Fabrice LaforestJulie Hines and Guest (Photo by David Warren /Sipa​ USA)Sanjey Cave (Photo by David Warren /Sipa​ USA)Mike Kanevsky and Amanda Kanevsky (Photo by David Warren /Sipa​ USA)Carmen D'Alessio (Photo by David Warren /Sipa​ USA)Luciana Pampalone (Photo by David Warren /Sipa​ USA)Jax Taylor and Marsin Mogielski (Photo by David Warren /Sipa​ USA)Ezequiel DelaRosa (Photo by David Warren /Sipa​ USA)Keytt Lundqvist and Alex Lundqvist (Photo by David Warren /Sipa​ USA)


Be prepared to be awe-inspired and have you planning your next date night just minutes from Manhattan.