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Grammy Nominated Artist Jeff Batson

Jeff Batson


Grammy Nominated Artist Jeff Batson

You cannot miss Nashville music artist and songwriter Jeff Batson. He is taking the scene by storm, with his singing and songwriting. We got to ask this talented artist questions on his career. He gets huge inspiration from writing songs that will help people and they can relate to. He has quite an amazing resume.

SL: How did you get started in music?

JB: Like many, my first musical experiences were in church, participating in the youth choir, plays, Easter and Christmas cantatas, etc. In grade school I learned to play the saxophone, then picked up the guitar and joined a band during my high school years. Songwriting came later in life, during the latter part of my college years, when I was living alone in Denver. The inspiration of those beautiful mountains in the background and the solitude of an apartment all to myself must have sparked my creativity, because that’s when I started writing songs.

SL: Whats your background in music?

JB: As mentioned, I sang in church as a youth, then later learned to play the saxophone and guitar. I played sax in the school band through high school, but during my sophomore year I joined my cousin and some friends in a “band,” and we started playing arcades, skating rinks, parties, etc. I’ve played in a variety of bands since that time.

SL: What has been your favorite experience in music?

JB: That’s a tough question. I guess I don’t really have one experience that trumps all others, but a couple musical moments that stand out are 1) playing “Found My Way to You,” for my mother for the first time and watching her reaction and 2) performing for our troops in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE and Diego Garcia, when I did a DOD tour in the mid-1990’s. “Found My Way to You” is a song about adoption that I wrote as a thank you gift for my adoptive mother; I played it for her for the first time on Mother’s Day . The trip to the Middle East was rewarding, because it was an opportunity to give something back to the brave men and women putting their lives on the line for our freedom. I’ve been fortunate to have opened for several top-tier entertainers, so all of those shows are memorable, as well. But, the coolest part of the whole deal to me is knowing that you’ve truly connected with the audience, whether it’s one person or a few thousand.

SL: What is it like to make a career in Nashville?

JB: Nashville is a great town, full of creative people and energy. It’s very competitive, but for the most part it’s friendly competition, and everyone is helpful; you want to succeed, but if it’s not you, you’d love for it to be one of your friends.

SL: Where can we find your music?

JB: You can hear my music alot of different places online, but you can purchase it on CD Baby and through all of their affiliates and outlets, including iTunes. My primary website is, and there are links there to all of my other social and music pages.

SL: What non profits have you worked with in your career and want to work with?

JB: I’m a member of the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary, and I also recently joined forces with the Adopt a U.S. Soldier organization. Through the years, I’ve also been involved (through songwriting) with the Make a Wish Foundation, and I answer phones during the St. Jude radiothon every year here in Nashville.

SL: Where would you most like to play a show?

JB: I’d love to go to Europe or Australia to perform someday, but, honestly, I love to play anywhere there’s someone willing to listen.

SL:Are you involved in any music organizations if so which ones?

JB: I’m pretty integrated in the country music industry. I’m a writer and publisher member of ASCAP, an individual and organizational member of the Country Music Association (CMA), a member of the Academy of Country Music (ACM), a member of the Recording Academy (NARAS) and a professional member of the Nashville Songwriter’s Association International (NSAI).

SL: What is it like when you write a song?

JB: Well, the best part of writing a song is playing the finished product for the target audience and knowing they “got it.” That’s a very rewarding (and for the most part indescribable) experience. For me songs start in a variety of ways; sometimes it’s the music, sometimes a phrase or saying, sometimes a story or experience. So, there are so many aspects to writing a song that it’s tough to say what it’s like.

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