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Whether you’re jet setting around the globe or hopping over to a local beach party in the Hamptons, it’s important to keep your skin looking its absolute best this summer season. Mathilde Thomas, co-founder of French skincare brand Caudalie, provides some summer beauty inspiration on some of her secret tips and special spa treatments. From the brand’s signature Crushed Cabernet Scrub to advice on how to avoid summer beauty mistakes, the full beauty scoop is here for the taking.


Social Life: Let’s start by talking spa treatments. What Caudalie spa treatments are totally essential this summer season?

Mathilde Thomas: There are definitely a few. First, the Divine Body Treatment with the application of our new Divine Legs product. This treatment will get your body ready for summer with an indulgent Divine scrub and massage. We finish it off with an application of our new Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion because everyone wants a sun-kissed glow, but no one should be in the sun baking to get a tan. This treatment gives you a beautiful bronze look without any of the downsides of the sun. Second, be sure to try the Vinoperfect radiance facial. This exclusive treatment will brighten, lighten, and even your skin tone, as well as help prevent dark spots from appearing. Third, Le Palper Rouler is very special and is available only at my spa in New York City. This full-body treatment works to break up blockages all over your body, while reducing the appearance of cellulite, so it’s perfect for bikini season.


SL: Speaking of treatments, what are Caudalie’s most popular treatments right now?

MT: Our Premier Cru Facial is very popular right now. We launched it in all our spa locations around the world in the spring. It’s a highly effective 80-minute treatment that features a deep exfoliation, our exclusive super-hydrating mask infused with Resveratrol-Oleyl and many other active anti-aging ingredients. Of course, we end the treatment with an application of our Premier Cru Cream and Eye Cream, which feature all three of our anti-aging patents in just one step. Wrinkles and fine lines are visibly diminished, skin is denser, smoother and firmer. Your complexion is radiant, and  your skin tone is more even.


SL: Can you tell us more about what kind of spa treatments the international Caudalie spas have to offer?

MT: We offer all types of treatments, from facials to wraps to manicures, and more. Being as many of our spas around the world are in middle of a vineyard, our treatments use local resources whenever possible. For example, one of our classic treatments is the Crushed Cabernet Scrub body treatment. This scrub is made from locally sourced grape seeds, honey, brown sugar, and essential oils. We also have a Vinotherapie Spa Manicure that uses fresh-cut grapes to moisturize the cuticles. We always try to use the best natural ingredients in our treatments.


SL: There are literally millions of beauty products on the market. What sets Caudalie apart from other skincare brands?

MT: Caudalie products are very effective and feature unique patented ingredients that have been clinically tested. We were the first brand to use time-released Resveratrol that is both anti-aging and extra firming. We also use the most powerful anti-oxidant polyphenols that repair and prevent damage from aging. We do this by exclusively using Viniferine, which comes from the vine sap and works to repair photo damage on skin and is a great dark-spot treatment. It’s proven 62 times more effective than vitamin C. Caudalie products are also very green, completely free of parabens, phenoxethanol, phthalates, mineral oils, sulfates, and animal ingredients. Also, all of our products have luxurious textures and amazing scents.


SL: Now that’s it officially summer, what’s one seasonal skincare mistake most women make?  

 MT: Women often make the mistake of not applying sunscreen often enough, and they don’t do anything specifically to prevent dark spots, which are one of the visible signs of skin aging.


SL: To avoid these kind of beauty blunders, what Caudalie products do you incorporate into your summer beauty routine?

MT: I recommend using our Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid SPF 15 before putting on our SPF 50 sunscreen (not sold in the United States). Then, I apply Vine Body Butter and Divine Oil because it’s extremely important to moisturize the skin. Afterward, I use Divine Legs for my arms and legs, and finish with Premier Cru Cream at the end of the day to repair damage.


SL: What would you say is your beauty mantra this season?

MT: Always use a great SPF, reapply as recommended, and wear a hat.

When it comes to summer beauty, take a page from Mathilde Thomas’s book and protect, repair, and treat your skin with nature’s finest ingredients. And if you’re thinking of treating yourself to a spa treatment, go ahead and indulge. Your skin will thank you.

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