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Dr. Lynda Loudon – Unparalleled Veterinarian

For the past 10 years Dr. Lynda Loudon is known as a devoted veterinary responsible for rescuing and rehabilitating hundreds of injured and abused animals. Dr. Loudon captured national media attention last summer when she treated Joey, a pit-bull puppy that was put in a garbage bag and thrown out of a moving car in Brentwood, LI. As a result of this horrific act of animal cruelty, Joey suffered a broken neck and was completely paralyzed. When Joey wagged his tail while being treated by Loudon and her staff, she opted not to euthanize him, but instead, give him a second chance to live. It was apparent that Joey had been used as bait for pitbull fighting by the recent bite marks on his neck and back , in addition, to the fact that he was severely malnourished. Inhumanely, like so many other bait dogs, Joey was discarded out of a moving vehicle like a piece of garbage.

Dr. Loudon is no stranger to high profile abuse cases. She also treated Maximus, the pitbull that was set on fire by his owner in 2007. Unfortunately, Maximus story doesn’t have a happy ending like Joey’s, Maximus died as a result of burns all over his body. Joey, on the other hand, has been adopted by his primary care veterinarian, Dr. Lynda Loudon, and he miracuolsy made a full recovery. He is even running up to one mile a day with Dr. Loudon.

Dr. Loudon’s has had extensive veterinarian experience. She was Chief of Emergency at a veterinarian clinic on Long Island for 9 years. Her expertise has always been to ensure the highest level of emergency care possible, especially in triage management of acute traumatic injuries in dogs and cats.

She also has dedicated extensive time volunteering for local shelters and rescue groups. She has always been passionate about educating pet owners and helping them take great care of their animals.

Presently, Dr. Loudon is a veterinarian and the Medical Director of Nassau-Suffolk Animal Hospital in Farmingdale, LI. It is because of Dr. Loudon’s passion for treating stray and injured animals that she decided to found Healing Haven Animal Fund.

The sole purpose of HHAF is to provide funding for pet owners who lack the sufficient funds needed to pay for treatment of their animals. Dr. Loudon believes that animals should not have to die due to lack of finances. She feels every animal deserves a chance. HHAF is internet- based and filed articles of incorporation in the state of New York and are presently awaiting approval of 501 (C) (3) status.

Aside from being a full time veterinarian and founder of HHAF, Dr. Lynda Loudon appears on Fox and Friends regularly as well as many other major networks. She gives updates on Joey’s progress and speaks in depth about Healing Haven Animal Fund. Her goal is to continue to educate the nation on pet care and help provide veterinarian care for animals through her foundation.

Every day thousands of animals are euthanized because of the lack of funds to pay for their necessary veterinary care. Please contact Healing Haven Animal Fund and donate to assist Dr. Lynda Loudon to complete her mission in saving animals lives. Go directly to HHAF’s website. Your gift will save the life of a precious pet!