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Cutting-edge technology, a wealth of knowledge, and a genuine desire to provide clients with the best possible service, has made Dr. Victoria Veytsman’s dental practice among the most well-loved in New York. In addition to stocking her office with the latest and greatest tools, Dr. Veytsman and her team make it a point to continue their education by attending numerous classes and seminars across the country, all to stay abreast of new topics in the field of dentistry. Her passion for the field isn’t the only key to Dr. Veytsman’s success, one of the most obvious reasons for her following of devoted clients has been her choice to work as a boutique practice. The smaller scale allows for highly personalized service and gives Dr. Veytsman the freedom to learn every client’s story and provide each with one-on-one services to help him or her realistically meet dental goals.

Dr. Veytsman’s client-first mentality and constant desire to improve her base of knowledge has resulted in her practice being named the official dentist of the Miss New York USA Pageant, Miss New York Teen USA Pageant, and Miss New York Latina Organization, and she was an official sponsor of the 2013 New York Emmys. When handling new and returning clients Dr. Veytsman makes it a point to proceed with compassion and always take a realistic approach. “Many of our patients come in after having thought about these procedures for a very long time, sometimes a lifetime,” she says. “We present all the options, starting with the most conservative first. We work with each patient to find the tailored solution that is best for that person.”

Offering both general dentistry and complete smile makeovers, services range from porcelain veneers to Invisalign straightening to teeth whitening. While Invisalign and veneers are among her most popular procedures as misaligned and crooked teeth are among the more common dental issues, her practice has also brightened and corrected hundreds of smiles using other techniques.

Fear of the dentist is also something Dr. Veytsman considers when dealing with new clients. Her careful consideration of how to assuage anxiety stems from her desire to provide pressure-free care of the same caliber she would provide for her own family member. To eliminate fear and create a soothing environment, she makes it a point to employ a unified team, all of whom are truly passionate about dentistry and customer service. When asked what makes a good dentist, Dr. Veystman’s answer speaks volumes: “passion for their work as art, and most of all passion for their patients.” Glowing reviews, returning customers, and a number of long-term business relationships are only a few indications of just how special her practice has become to New Yorkers.

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