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Quintessentially: A Way of Life

In December of 2000, Quintessentially Lifestyle began as a luxury concierge service available to its members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist with everyday lifestyle requests.

Quintessentially is a way of life, not just a service. We sat down with Emma Sherrard Matthew, Quintessentially’s global CEO, to find out what sets the company apart from the rest.

When asked how Quintessentially came to fruition, Matthew gave a quick rundown of the three men who started the company thirteen years ago. Today, Quintessentially is prominent around the globe, from New York to London to Hong Kong. The mission, however, has remained the same. “We strive to go above and beyond our members’ expectations. Not only will we provide un-paralleled service, we’ll go that extra mile to make our members’ plans and services even better than they imagined,” says Matthew.

Members of Quintessentially are not only kept up to date about events, galas, premieres and A-list parties, they have the golden ticket to all of the above. No matter how strict the list or how elite the crowd, Quintessentially provides its members to a world of opportunity, service and experience.

Quintessentially’s sense of luxury does not just shine through their members, but through their brand. Leading lifestyle and furniture firm Timothy Oulton has created a Members’ Lounge in the New York office, full of unique pieces, remarkable hand craftmansship, stunning chandeliers and more. “Timothy’s style and taste match perfectly with our brand. Our global partnership with them in our tie in all that Quintessentially exhibits into our offices,” explains Matthew.

When Matthew first joined Quintessentially in 2005, there were just a handful of offices around the world. Today, Matthew oversees over 60 offices worldwide while based in Hong Kong. Matthew exhibits everything that Quintessentially has to offer – serenity, gracefulness and kindness. She commands the room in the most approachable manner, making everyone comfortable in trusting her with your plans and itinerary. Matthew continues, “I never want clients to worry – we provide 24-hour service in which members have preferential treatment wherever they are, and we want them to know that when they land in any city, they’ll be fast-tracked to the best of the best.”

The best part of Quintessentially is that not everyone views luxury the same way, and the company can tailor to every type of person. “What one person likes is different than what someone else likes. Our goal here is to be able to please any person and any wish, no matter how different they are,” Matthew explains.

If you are interested in joining the Quintessentially Lifestyle world, please email and visit