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Male Bag: Dashing dads

Tongs for the grill? Um, no. A USB cord woven from golden threads? He’ll lose it. A bottle of rare Scotch? Yes! But, why not something truly unique?

Here are our recommendations for helping you bring out the best in him this Father’s Day.

productsMartial Vivot (

You know that feeling when you check into a hotel room and quite unexpectedly discover the bathroom toiletries are so good that you begin hoarding them?

Martial Vivot’s collection of men’s hair and facial products elicits that same emotion.

Named for the proprietor of the same-named men’s salon at 39 W 54th (which, by the way, has been called the “best” in the city by GQ and New York Magazine), Martial Vivot is the epitome of luxury.

Start with the Shampoo and Conditioner ($91 for the gift set). Free of the additives that tend to shorten the lifecycle of growth, the shampoo’s constellation of natural ingredients balances sebum (your scalp’s “essential” oil), stops dandruff in its tracks, improves color retention and otherwise energizes the noggin for optimal performance.

Finish with Martial Vivot’s Creme ($28). It shines … literally. Plant oils ensure this with the added benefit of eliminating fly-aways and frizz. A collection of vitamins and other things that sound super healthy keep the shafts strong.

Croota (

These days, you’ll be hard pressed to find your guy a pair of underwear that reconciles style, sex appeal AND comfort.

Thank god for the Aussies.

Croota’s extensive collection crosses over just about every fit and cut you can imagine, and every one of them makes you look and feel both naughty and nice.

For extreme comfort, go with a Seamless Boxer Brief ($23.99). Really, he’ll forget he’s wearing undies altogether – extra stretch and more space where he need’s it. For a more traditional fit, the Tartan Criss Cross ($27.99) offers a simplistic waistband and trim that keep the focus on the pattern … and maybe the package?

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Vitamin-Cleansing-Bar-BaxterBaxter of Hollywood  (

If your guy’s a veteran of the Baxter brand, tell him to clean up with the rich, luxurious lather of the new Vitamin Cleansing Bar ($42 for a set of 3 or sold individually), available in three signature scents: Bergamot and Pear, Italian Lime and Pomegranate, and Flora and Cassis.

Think he’d like to give Baxter a preliminary spin? Baxter of California’s Travel Kit comes with travel-friendly, leak resistant and TSA-approved bottles of their best sellers. Whether jetting off to far corners of the world or around the corner to the gym, he’ll move freely with Baxter of California essentials in tow. ($50) Hey – it’s a great excuse for YOU to plan a trip.


Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Energized (

What will become of Rio? That’s the question on every international sport fan’s mind this summer. Eh, let it go and bring the games to your guy.  Lacoste recently introduced Eau de Lacoste L.12.12  Energized (interesting name for a fragrance, no?), a new limited edition scent to pay tribute to the iconic brand’s sporting heritage and passion for the game. Fiery ginger and cool mint notes complement cedar leaf and citrus. You’ll definitely cheer.

Journeyman (

journeymenAdmit it. Grown men shouldn’t have to smell like freshmen year. Problem is, most guys pluck their deodorant from the shelf with the reckless abandon of a pimply plebe.

Journeymen began after one SoCal surfer admitted to his friend admitted that he had recently been accused of smelling cheap drug store deodorant (shocking).  They are said to have been inspired to transform an overlooked category into a sophisticated alternative that would elevate every guy’s dopp kit. That means you too, Montauk.

Choose from the Stick ($18) or the Spray ($18). Both offer an all natural blend of odor depressors highlighted by cypress leaf and a smoky red cedar.

When it comes to feeling (and smelling) fresh, there’s no need to invoke the kid in any guy.

Timoteo ( Daytona

Here’s a tip: if your guy’s got good thighs, don’t let him hide them behind a dreary pair of board shorts or dumpy khakis.

Timoteo’s Daytona Short ($60) is a lightweight, summery canvas that falls generously above the knee, and does a great job accentuating all assets.  Available this summer in four hot new colors, the Daytona fits true to size. That said, guys with bigger than normal legs, quads or butt, be sure to order one size up.