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Male Bag: Declaration of independence

It’s the fourth of July, and what does that mean? Independence!

As we begin to mark the midpoint of the season (already?), check out these must-have items that make us feel free.

MetahlMetahl Wallets (

You’ve probably noticed that wallets are getting smaller, freeing us from unsightly and uncomfortable front or back pocket bulk. But they aren’t always getting better. Behold Metahl premium wallets ($59+). Machined metal, hand worked, sand blasted, and anodized, these stunners hold up to 10 cards or a combination of cash and cards. RFID protected against identity theft, choose silver, rose gold or anything in between.

Frey (

Had enough of your togs smelling like Soft Spring or, worse, Lakeside Lavender? Liberate yourself and do your Freyown laundry. Frey detergent for men ($16) employs oak and musk over a mélange of other notes. Not only will you smell like a guy, but you’ll also be doing good: Frey eliminates all the typical brighteners, whiteners, bleaches and phosphates that not only kill the environment, but also your clothes. And then there’s this: Frey is committed to gender equality, helping break down stereotypes about who should do which household chores. Someone will love you more.

billyjealousyBilly Jealousy (

There is no shortage of facial products designed to free your face of filth. Billy Jealousy’s Liquidsand Exfoliating Facial Cleanser ($24) is making the competition envious. Less penetrating than a scrub but more powerful than a face wash, LiquidSand cleans thoroughly to remove dead surface skin cells, dirt and related grime without making you feel like you’ve been sandblasted. You won’t go wrong with anything in the BJ line of face, hair, body and shave products.

Lunch underwear (

Freedom down there, with support and oomph? Good luck. These days, fashion has definitely usurped function. Lunch is the exception. Australian made (the Aussies are obsessed with underwear – thank god), the Lunch Box ($35) is supremely comfortable AND good looking thanks to exhaustive fabric testing and design refinements.  As they say, Lunch supports your bits while helping them look “lunchy.”