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Male Bag: I need a hero

Bonnie Tyler definitely said it best (although, unless you’re over the age of 35, you have no idea who that is.) Turn around, bright eyes, and get these goods that save the day.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.19.49 PM
Hero Clean
Well, what do you know? This is aptly named. Hero Clean is a suite of products designed for men who find traditionally-fragranced detergents and sprays as repellant as Kryptonite. Nope, these  uber-powered products definitely  have testosterone. From laundry detergent, dish soap, all-purpose spray cleaner, and odor eliminating spray, they can clean up just about any mess by leaps and bounds. Did we mention that a large portion of Hero sales go to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America? Shazam!


Kerastase Densifique Homme (
Admit it – Clark Kent is infinitely more attractive than his nemesis Lex Luther. Among other things, it’s probably his full head of hair. Kerastase to the rescue! This new collection, which includes shampoo and modeling paste, features a very fancy list of ingredients that promise to add instant density and new life to your lid. Unlike the proverbial snake oil, hair DOES feel fuller and fluffier.

teamm8teamm8 swimwear (
If all those early morning runs have finally turned you into an ironman, check out teamm8’s Podium Swimwear Collection. The Aztec-inspired print swim short is cemented with a solid black waistband, comes with inner lining, and features two side pockets and a hidden zip back pocket for convenience. A not-so-subtle short with a super stylish edge.



tech 21 Evo Xplorer Case (

No, your smartphone is not as indestructible as you, superman. Waterproof, dustproof and snowproof all come standard with the Evo Xplorer. Engineered from the ground up to offer maximum protection, you can go ahead and throw anything at this wonder case. It definitely ate its spinach.