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Dr. Michelle Zweifler

If you ask Dr. Michelle Zweifler where she gets true satisfaction as a preëminent Manhattan plastic surgeon, she’ll tell you that it’s typically from breast augmentation or various other body procedures.

“They represent instant gratification for many of my clients, and in many cases, that’s why they come to me. They want a change, and my job is to deliver it,” she says, with the caveat that, although she loves bodywork, she also derives gratification from the expert procedures she does from the neck up.

“I love face-lifting, restoring someone back to where they once were,” she says. “People come to me and say they look like their mother. But, they want to look like themselves, not like their aging mother!”

Dr. Zweifler is truly one of a kind. First, she doesn’t look old enough to be performing surgery. In recent years, Dr. Zweifler, whose practice spans everything from simple injections to full restorative surgery, has been featured in The New York Times, New York Magazine, New York Post, and on CNN, Fox News, Eyewitness News 7, WB11, CNN Headline News, and NY1.

In addition to Dr. Zweifler’s expertise, what sets her apart is her great sense of humor. Having just launched a new web site, Dr. Zweifler sat down with us to discuss her celebrated practice.

We love the new site, especially all the videos! It really showcases the expanse of what you do!

Thanks! I think it’s important for my patients to really get to know my practice and me. My plastic surgery videos educate patients about procedures and they get a sense of my personality. By the way, I hope you check out the Elbow Lift video.

That’s a real thing?

It sure is!

OK, so definitely a smaller part of your practice, but it certainly illuminates the extent of what can be done. What do you think sets your practice apart?

For one thing, I’m a woman, and I think a lot of clients know that I can identify with them. I look pretty natural, kind of that girl next door. I actually had plastic surgery when I was in high school; upon awakening I decided it’s what I wanted to do as a career. So, I can relate to the population who wants to look good. I go to the gym five days a week, I eat healthy, and I try to keep my body and my face in shape — with a little procedure here and there.

What’s the hot procedure right now?

People still like injections, with new products coming to market. It is just part of the beauty routine. We understand maintenance — getting your hair cut, getting a manicure and pedicure, and getting injections. It’s just one more thing that we do as we age.

Don’t injections last only so long?

Absolutely, and that’s why my practice is about building relationships. Patients return regularly for their injections, Botox, and some fillers, but eventually you’re going to need a brow lift, a facelift, or your eyelids done. That requires getting to know someone over a long period of time, and that’s what I do. It’s what I love.

Dr. Michelle Zweifler

800-A Fifth Avenue Suite 302  212.355.0500