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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen Accessories

If staying healthy and cooking more at home is one of your New Year’s resolutions, invest in the following five kitchen staples to keep your resolution throughout 2018. Whether you’re a new cook or an expert chef, these top kitchen tools will make cooking a breeze!


Peugeot makes quality kitchen accessories that will last your entire life. This pepper grinder’s minimalist design aesthetic appeals to the senses, and the lines are simple and pure. Peugeot Chatel Pepper Grinder; $62


This slicer will put an end to accidentally cutting yourself while chopping vegetables. It has a handguard for an easy, efficient way to produce perfectly sliced food. Kyocera Wide Adjustable Slicer; $39.95


Make salsas, guacamole, pico de gallo, and more like a professional with this beautiful granite mortar and pestle. Useful for extracting flavors and oils from ingredients, this classic and durable duo is a fantastic addition to your kitchen. Frieling Mortar & Pestle; $63.95


Made with a ceramic blade that stays sharp up to ten times longer than steel blades, this peeler is ideal for peeling thick rinds, shredding cabbage, or shaving hard cheeses. It also has a lifetime warranty! Kyocera Extra-Wide Peeler; $17.95


The key to cooking is temperature and this thermometer will do just that and perfectly. Just plug the probe into the meat, place it in the oven and the cord comes out and plugs into the thermometer. CDN Combo Probe Thermometer; $24.99