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Dr. Martin Fox

Dr. Martin Fox, a preeminent ophthalmologist and LASIK luminary, is one of “America’s Top Doctors” as noted by Castle Connolly’s physicians directory for over 10 years running. He is a true visionary in his specialty — and a LASER MASTER.

Dr. Fox is Medical Director of the Corneal and Refractive Surgery Practice of New York and Clarity Refractive Services of New Jersey. He is affiliated with Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital of Lenox Hill Hospital.

A leader in the field of refractive surgery — the specialty devoted to correcting and improving one’s eyesight, Dr. Fox is a pioneer of the newest and most advanced technologies in vision correction. He offers options for patients who were not previously candidates for surgery, or whose previous laser surgery requires correction or refinement.

FDA-approved and vanguard procedures offered by Dr. Fox include:

•  Advanced laser options to correct eyesight at all distances.

(Custom iDesign Bladeless LASIK and the new breakthrough

SMILE procedure)

•  KAMRA Inlay to eliminate the need for reading glasses

(See our upcoming August 10 issue.)

•  Bladeless laser corneal transplants

•  The Visian ICL implantable lens for prescriptions that cannot

be treated with LASIK

•  Eye Bright to correct chronically red eyes

•  INTACS and Corneal Cross-Linking to treat keratoconus

Not all laser correction is the same, nor is every ophthalmic vision correction surgeon. Our eyes are irreplaceable, so it is critical to choose a surgeon who has advanced skills in diagnosis, treatment planning options, procedures, aftercare, and patient services. Dr. Fox has been instrumental in the introduction of every new refractive technology introduced over the last two decades. He has performed over 30,000 surgeries throughout his 25 years as a fellowship-trained corneal specialist, innovating new techniques and inventing surgical instruments to improve outcomes.

In the last year and half, Dr. Fox has performed more than 3,000 iDesign LASIK procedures, making him a national leader. “iDesign is 500% more accurate than previous generations of LASIK,” explains Dr. Fox. “It allows safe, customized treatment and predictable outcomes for each patient, beyond anything previously possible. iDesign mathematically guides the laser, often resulting in superior clarity and sharpness, exceeding a patient’s glasses or contact lenses. It can even correct high degrees of astigmatism.”

Later this year, Dr. Fox will be among the first to introduce the SMILE procedure, a revolutionary alternative to LASIK for nearsightedness. SMILE (SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction) provides LASIK-quality correction without requiring a corneal flap, increasing safety while decreasing the risk of complications. A single laser re-shapes the cornea, coupled with a tiny 1mm incision. It is painless, heals quickly, and takes less than 10 minutes per eye.

Our Fourth of July issue will include a fascinating interview with Dr. Fox, and our August 10 issue will discuss the new KAMRA Inlay procedure to eliminate reading glasses, which can be combined with LASIK to restore vision at all distances.

See for a wealth of information about procedures.

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