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The Perfect Finish – Hamptons Carpet One

According to John Annunziata, a sales associate at  Hamptons Carpet One Floor & Home, the company  may be well known for its eponymous name, but it is also well known for something near and dear to Hamptons residents: floor sanding and refinishing.

“From February to the end of July, the sanding and refinishing aspect of our business is just insanely busy, but we’re thrilled to be there for all our customers,” said Annunziata. He explained that the three primary reasons for the rush are home owners refreshing their houses for themselves; getting ready for renters; and new construction, which is huge right now.

We were interested in how a company known for carpets has also become the go-to for floor refinishing (and why home owners or builders should never try to refinish a floor on their own.

What’s hot right now in the world of sanding and refinishing?

Custom stains! Many people want something new, something fresh, to either spruce up their floors, match them with other customized furnishings, or just achieve a contemporary look. It can be whatever people want. Gray stains, yellow stains, or mixing colors together to get something unique and perfect for the home. It’s all about being one-of-a-kind.

What’s the process?

We sand the wood down first and then put the stain on. It’s as simple as that. Of course, we do samples first.

That sounds pretty simple, so why should customers call you to do the job?

You really don’t want to mess this up because there are only so many times you can stain and refinish a floor. Our experts know exactly how to use the machines, and there are actually several meticulous steps to the sanding process. We also use a dustless system. It’s more than 70% dust free, so it’s not bad for the kids, the pets, your allergies, and there’s very minimal clean up. Additionally, people want any number of different gloss levels these days, and that’s another piece of the puzzle.

How disruptive is the process?

It depends on the size of the job. Let assume it’s 1,000 square feet, which is usually the minimum job. It takes about two days to sand, one day to stain, and usually two days for poly. So, if there’s furniture involved, it takes from five to seven days.

Are there any situations that you caution against using hardwood flooring?

You can put hardwood in any room, but I always caution against bathrooms because of the moisture.

There are others out there who do staining and refinishing. Why should customers choose you?

We’re licensed and insured. We’ve been around for 30 years. We’re not going anywhere. We always show up (and that’s not always the case!). And we always do a beautiful job.

Hamptons Carpet One Floor & Home

675 N Sea Road, Southampton NY 11968