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Anna Avaliani, M.D. — The Laser Queen of Park Avenue

Anna Avaliani, M.D., is medical royalty when it comes to noninvasive cosmetic surgery. Her Upper East Side bespoke practice offers the best and latest in FDA-approved lasers and other technologies to smooth, tighten, re-shape, contour, and rejuvenate. 

Patient Roster

A loyal clientele is the hallmark of Dr. Avaliani’s practice. She treats a growing number of physicians; celebrities from the worlds of fashion, sports, and entertainment; and corporate executives. It’s worth noting that many of Dr. Avaliani’s patients have been referred to her by other satisfied patients. 

Her younger patients start preventive procedures like Botox and fillers in their mid-twenties. These sorts of treatments help skin retain its natural youthfulness—an insurance against wrinkling and sagging. It’s possible to postpone indefinitely the need for invasive plastic surgery. This is especially true because this Golden Age of cosmetic science will continue to invent miracle treatments. Dr. Avaliani’s middle-aged and older patients benefit from technologies and treatments that make them look years younger, and, with proper touch-ups, stay that way for a long time. 


Dr. Avaliani believes in a true physician-patient relationship, one that meets the standards of her medical training and board certifications as well as her own moral compass. Her patients, who are remarkably loyal, seem to understand this and appreciate her level of care and how well she connects to them. “I believe in the natural look and aging gracefully,” she says. This means that Dr. Avaliani will recommend only treatments that she believes will meet a patient’s expectations. She listens carefully to what patients envision for themselves and what procedures they mention on their own. Sometimes she might suggest a treatment that is different from what a patient asks for. Sometimes she might have to gently tell a patient that an expectation is unrealistic. 


Being sought after by other physicians is a testament to Dr. Avaliani’s reputation within the medical community. RealSelf, the most trusted source for people considering an elective cosmetic treatment, has named Dr. Avaliani a Top Doctor (a list of 100), an honor given for her contribution to medicine and patient education. RealSelf has also named her a Most Loved Injector (a list of 25). Her state-of-the-art laser center is one of the few recipients of the prestigious Cynosure of Excellence Award. Her latest honor is the Elite SculpSure of North America award for providing best patient results and the most treatments performed in the United States and Canada combined—more than 5,000 since 2016. 

Science & Art

Dr. Avaliani’s expertise results from her solid medical education and credentialing combined with her artistic judgment and skill. Dr. Avaliani has an artist’s eye and vision, which inform her treatment design for each patient. This is critically important because lasers, other devices, and injectable products are only tools. It is Dr. Avaliani who controls the variables for each device or product. For example, devices may have different attachments and intensities, and Dr. Avaliani is expert in the nuances of operating and timing various devices. Dr. Avaliani is also expert in choosing the best device. Fillers require a professional knowledge of anatomy for safe and natural results. It is professional judgment and skill that ultimately determine the result of any procedure. 


If a noninvasive cosmetic procedure exists that has been cleared by the FDA and has evidence to support its efficacy and safety, Dr. Avaliani will offer it to her patients. She uses the latest models with the latest attachments for devices in her practice. 

Facial cosmetic treatments and body-contouring are the most commonly requested procedures. Dr. Avaliani can successfully treat just about every body part, including tightening vaginal walls with radio-frequency, eliminating gummy smiles with Botox or Dysport, and using fillers to minimize prominent veins and the thin skin of aging hands. 

If you visit Dr. Avaliani’s website (, you’ll see a menu of treatable body parts and treatment options, including a variety of lasers, radio-frequency and ultrasound devices, and a complete range of fillers to smooth, contour, plump, and reshape. Details are below about the most common procedures Dr. Avaliani performs in the suites of her beautiful office. 

One and Only Triple Body Center in the Country

SculpSure + CoolSculpting + EMSCULPT: 

Burn Fat & Build Muscle!

Achieving a dream body is possible without surgery. Dr. Avaliani is a true expert in noninvasive total body contouring and her center offers all of the latest FDA-approved technology to eliminate stubborn fat and help build and tone muscle. The right expertise and the right tools are extremely important.

Dr. Avaliani is the only Elite SculpSure Provider in North America. Her practice is the only center in NY that offers dual SculpSure machines and is the first to offer SculpSure Submental, the newest SculpSure applicator to treat under-chin fat. 

She has been providing FDA-approved SculpSure treatments since 2016, and she quickly parlayed her body-contouring skills into the No. 1 SculpSure practice in the world. She chose SculpSure as her preferred treatment for fat reduction after doing extensive research. She says SculpSure does much more than destroy fat cells; it can improve cellulite as well as treat never-before-treated areas such as inner knees or a back hump. And she says she has never had uneven results. With two SculpSure machines she can double the body area being treated in one 25-minute session or treat couples or two friends who come together. There is little to no discomfort during the procedure and zero downtime.

SculpSure is the only total body-contouring device on the market to treat body and chin fat at once. The body applicators can be used on the abdomen, love handles, inner and outer thighs, bra rolls, under-butt rolls, knee-fat pads, and more. Two to three treatments per area, four to six weeks apart, is the norm.

Dr. Avaliani’s body-contouring expertise is heightened with the addition of the latest model of 2018 CoolSculpting technology with all applicators. She added CoolScupting because so many people came in asking for it. She can now offer her patients a trifecta procedure when she combines SculpSure and CoolSculpting at the same time. Both technologies allow Dr. Avaliani creativity in how she handles different body types, body parts, and fat density. Three machines equal a triple win.

EMSCULPT is the new noninvasive mommy make-over.  Dr. Avaliani’s was the first center in the country to offer EMSCULPT, which is the world’s first and only HIFEM technology (high-intensity focused electro-magnetic energy) to help build and tone muscle in areas such as the abdomen and buttocks. One 30-minute session is equivalent to 20,000 abdominal crunches or 20,000 squats. You don’t have to be a mommy to benefit from EMSCULPT! It works great for all women and men.

Ultherapy & TempSure

for Skin Tightening 

The evidence continues to grow for Ultherapy, an approved ultrasound technology that tightens and lifts skin by promoting the production of collagen. Only one treatment is usually necessary to lift skin over two to three months, for results lasting up to two years. Ultherapy is a face-lift alternative, and it can also be used to tighten and smooth the neck, brows, décolletage, arms, thighs, and abdomen. 

TempSure ENVI is a totally painless radio-frequency (RF) technology that became available only in 2018. It’s the world’s first full-body skin tightening system. Its various applicators can be used to tighten eyelids, elbows, and even vaginas. Plus, it works on cellulite. Unlike other technologies, TempSure ENVI works equally well on all skin colors and skin types. RF is a heat technology, but unlike previous RF devices, TempSure is exactingly precise about delivering focused heat to tissue for a specified time.

PicoSure Focus

for Skin Renewal

“This revolutionary treatment to rejuvenate skin is one of my absolute favorites,” says Dr. Avaliani. This fast, effective treatment is the gold standard for dark spots, sun spots, age spots, acne scars, wrinkles, surgical scars, stretch marks, and more—in less than 15 minutes and with virtually no downtime. 

“Pico” derives from “picosecond,” which is one trillionth of a second. PicoSure delivers picosecond bursts of energy, not heat like other lasers, to gently target and more effectively eliminate problem areas without harming surrounding tissue. PicoSure has trademarked the term Skin Cell Activation, which is a way of describing how PicoSure works. It literally activates cells to produce important proteins that signal other cells to begin a healing response. Usually one to five treatments can deliver PicoSure’s magic.

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