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Joie de Effervescence – Christie Brinkley

Bubbly, golden, shining, whimsical . . . these adjectives can describe both Christie Brinkley as well as her inimitable organic prosecco and sparkling wines. On a warm summer day in Montauk, Christie held court at The Surf Lodge surrounded by her beautiful family, friends, and lots of sun-kissed partygoers toasting her ever-growing line of Bellissima wines. The crowd had ditched the boring traditional champagne flute and were drinking from golden spouts attached to mini bottles. These new Bellissima Bambinis were the hit of the night. Table after table raised their Bambinis high as the beats of the DJ filled the party atmosphere. Christie added the sipper to the mini bottles in order to make them perfect for boat rides, the beach, or anywhere you want to enjoy some bubbly without the worry of spilling.

I was impressed that Christie danced and hosted for over four hours wearing high heels (how is that for stamina?). More energized than I could ever hope to be, the 60-something stunner (who effortlessly blended in with and kept up with a raging 20-something crowd) was still going strong when I left to turn in.

I caught up with Christie again on the phone. Her voice—regardless of where you run into her—-always has a warm kindness to it. Giddy with deserved pride, she explains how Bellisima offers healthy and delicious choices for all. “We have a sugar-free option, which is really important for those with restrictive diets. I feel so good when someone who is diabetic or needs a sugar-free option thanks me for giving them the ability to continue to enjoy celebrating with friends and family.” Christie thrives on making others happy and also values a healthy approach to all aspects of life, combining fun and well-being. Christie says, “I love the fact that Bellissima is a clean company. We care about the health of our customers. Many of our wines are organic and vegan. We also care about the world around us and are a green company.” Helping add wellness into others’ lives isn’t something new for Christie. In fact, Christie created her Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare line in order to help women age gracefully. Softening signs of aging by using her creams and makeup empowers women to feel like their best selves. “What’s exciting about my makeup is that it is both luxurious and preventive, so you can have a moisturizer that is sumptuous plus has a protective SPF. Each item has award-winning ingredients that are fantastic and healing for your skin.” When a woman feels good, she in turn has more energy to be her best self. Building confidence through beauty and healthy options is something that fuels Christie.

Christie is a lioness when it comes to her children. She is a nurturing hands-on mother to her brood. She’s her daughter Alexa’s most devoted makeup artist, “I love doing Alexa’s makeup before her shows,” Christie confesses. Recently Alexa preformed with her father, Billy Joel, at Madison Square Garden. “Their voices sound great together. Even though Alexa was performing in Madison Square Garden, she made it feel very homey, which is something that her dad has always been able to do. He can make any space feel as comfortable as a living room.” Christie has always encouraged Alexa’s musical talent. “Whenever Billy would sit down to play—even when Alexa was a little baby—I would her lay her down on the piano so that the music would literally vibrate throughout her entire body. Alexa would feel the chords of the music and she loved it,” remembers Christie. And when it comes to music, who are Christie’s go to artists? Off the top of her head, Christie says, “Alexa, Joni Mitchell, and Billy Joel.”

Always with a bright smile on her face, Christie exudes joy. Asked when she is her happiest, Christie says, “I would say when I have my friends and family around me. It can be anything, but I do enjoy sitting around a bonfire. I love them, and my favorite thing is when we all sings songs together. I also love sitting on a boat fooling around. There is nothing better than being together whether you are singing, laughing, or talking.” Spending time with family and loved ones is something Christie prioritizes in her life. If you peruse her Instagram, you’ll see that image after image features her enjoying time with loved ones. And even her beauty squad—Sandy Linter and Mitch Barry—are part of her extended family. She has somehow managed to make work and play one and the same. But does she ever have time to herself? Indeed she does. “I enjoy spending time in my garden,” Christie says, “I love clippers! I use them so much that I named myself Christie Clipper Hands! I love my vegetable garden and often pick from it for a nice home-grown meal.”

When she isn’t with friends or in her garden, our favorite East End stunner spends time on the beach. What’s more relaxing than a wonderful day at the beach? “Diving into an oncoming wave is my perfect summer day,” she muses. Something that is easy to love about Christie is her passion. Whether I work with her at a photo shoot, see her marching at a women’s rights rally, follow her on Instagram, hear her talking about the importance of wellness for all, or now alongside friends avec sugar-free prosecco, I find her incredible effervescence inspiring, and I know others agree. Christie can make everyone she touches a little bit better. The world is always a better place when you add some Christie Brinkley.