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Inspired Vision – Robert D’Alessandro

For Robert D’Alessandro, the owner and creative director of Invision, every event should be textural — a multi-layered mosaic of sound, sight, scent, and taste. Obviously, a veritable who’s who agree. Clients range from HBO (such as lavish premiere parties for Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones) to the most selective social clientele. Robert works closely with each client transforming their dreams into a vision beyond expectation.

D’Alessandro’s passion to make his mark in the event industry has been inspired by the natural world of flowers, entertainment, fashion, and design trends mixed with a strong interest in interior design and food.

“Each Invision event becomes an opportunity to imagine a unique atmosphere for life’s celebrations or just to celebrate life,” enthuses D’Alessandro, who recently found a few extra minutes in an otherwise hectic season of pulling off some luxe events to answer a few questions for Social Life.

I have to admit, I haven’t been fortunate enough to attend an Invision event, but I’ve certainly heard about them. From your perspective, what would I experience?

Of course, that depends on the event. The common thread is that we try to create a multi-layered atmosphere. It’s not any one thing, and people don’t remember any one thing. It’s how it all plays together and blends to create an energy. It’s not like the old days. It’s a complete sensory experience . . . it’s drama . . . it’s someplace you’ve never been before.

What is the scope of what you can pull off?

We are involved with a variety of events. They range from premiere parties and corporate galas to personal events, such as weddings, mitzvahs, and lavish birthdays, to intimate dinner parties and floral installations. We also really love getting strategic and helping corporations engage and evolve their brands.

What’s an example of what really sets an Invision event apart?

A great example was our Game of Thrones premiere party. All the tablecloths simulated chainmail. I worked with hardwoods, velvets, iron, tapestries, deer antlers —you name it — and then modernized it. I didn’t want a typical medieval knight party that’s just about the Dark Ages. I wanted to have something much more elevated. It’s all about taking things to the next level.

How have things changed since you started in the business?

Leaps and bounds. It used to be much simpler, like what’s on your tabletop and a few pretty things to look at. Now, it’s an experience: we’re changing and transforming spaces completely. Technology has helped elevate these events, too, with video mapping, lighting, you name it.

Food is always important.

It definitely is, and I have a background in it having gone to culinary school. It’s just one more way to create an experience.

What do you think truly differentiates Invision?

Our celebrations are personal. I am a hands-on owner, and I love to get involved. I love my clients, and enjoy being part of their life celebrations. It’s all about relationships, and I value being part of other people’s lives, creating beauty and joy.