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Go Charity

Earlier this summer, Social Life became fascinated with the type of planning that goes into those luxe auctions that we all love to attend . . . and, if we’re lucky, we walk away with a one-of-a-kind item. We discovered that the people at the forefront as well as behind the scenes of these spectacular events is Go Charity, a company known for involvement with both live and silent auctions for such do-gooder luminaries as Dr. Oz’s HealthCorps’ Foundation, Naples Winter Wine Festival, Autism Speaks, Jewish Family Services, Toys “R” Us Children’s Fund, St. John’s University, Make A Wish, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, New Orleans Wine & Food Festival, National Football Foundation, and hundreds more.

Go Charity is going on its 18th year of teaming up with clients around the world as a unique consignment-based vendor and auction-management firm for all event needs. “If you live in the Hamptons, it’s impossible not to be involved in some sort of charity, and in most cases, Hamptonites are involved in or attend several each season. What they discover is that not all silent or live auctions are created equal,” says Darran Brown, the CEO of Go Charity. “What we bring to every event is a quality auction experience. We believe every person who sees our selection will find a few items that are sure to press their impulse button. It’s quality over quantity that Go Charity believes in, and the results speak for themselves.” 

Social Life wanted to learn even more and recently sat with Brown to understand not only what makes him tick, but to gain a little insight into the world of high-end charity auctions.

What was your impetus for starting Go Charity? 

I recognized a need and created a solution. Auctions at events were a bit stale mainly due to the fact that soliciting quality auction items seemed to become ever more challenging in recent years, so we wanted to enhance auctions by making them more exciting and profitable. 

What really sets Go Charity apart?

Our core strength and what we believe in is our ability to analyze the client’s needs and deliver on a commitment.

What’s the most impressive event you’ve ever partnered with?

Easy. Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation gala in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. It was a spectacular event to be a part of, but, most important, it raised millions of dollars for people in dire need of medical care, food, housing, and transportation.

Is there any event too big or too small that you won’t handle?

We don’t look at the size of a client organization. What we do is engage with a potential client to determine if we can help to raise funds for the organization’s cause.

What are the hottest items that really gets bidding going these days?

People want exclusive access trips and experiences, like sitting in our private theater box at the Espy Awards with five-time Super Bowl champion Dwight Clark. When a winning bidder goes home with photos of actually wearing five Super Bowl rings on one hand and sporting a smile from ear to ear, now that’s a memory of a lifetime!

What’s the most impressive item you’ve ever listed?

Watching the Super Bowl sitting alongside legendary NFL quarterback Joe Montana, right here in New York City in 2014.

What’s the best-kept secret in your business?

There really are no secrets. We simply offer a professional service and deliver on our commitment. It’s that simple.