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Andrea Correale – An Interview

Elegant Affairs is everywhere! Why is everyone turning to you for their catering needs?

Well, mainly because we do much more than just catering. Elegant Affairs is really a full-service, off-premise catering company that services Manhattan, Long Island, and the entire tri-state area — and there’s nothing we can’t do. We cater and plan all types of events, from      social gatherings in people’s homes or rented venues to corporate and nonprofit galas to weddings and bar mitzvahs . . . everything!

Lots of people say full service. What does that mean to you?

That we handle everything for our clients! And, we are consultants. People know they want to have an event, but they don’t always know how they want it to look or feel or what works best from a logistical standpoint. We can assess the party site and make recommendations that will ensure a fabulous event. For example, if a client is having a party at home, not only do we cater the food, but we also arrange for all the other party needs: tables, tenting, chairs, flatware, glassware, valet parking, music, lighting — everything                                                                    a client could possibly need. 

What is the secret to your success?

It’s pure passion and a healthy dose of experience! Elegant Affairs is a team of a wide-range of talented professionals who truly love what they do. Our planners and expert culinary team and event staff have one goal: to consistently provide fabulous food, stylish visual presentations, and impeccable service at each and every event we produce.

What’s the hottest trend in catered food these days? 

How about 12 hot trends?

1. People love street food: “eatz from the streets.” We are seeing this in food trucks but also transformed into clever food stations.

2. Argentinean barbecue or smoked meats and fish combined with a variety of local vegetable side dishes.

3. Fruit, flower, and herb-infused water bars and natural-ingredient-based signature cocktails.

4. Gelato sandwich bars featuring a variety of gelato and cookie options.

5. Gluten-free and vegan anything and everything.

6. Peppers are a trend! Sriracha and other unique hot sauces are super popular. The hotter the better. Salted shishito peppers on the bar as a snack are a craze. 

7. Oversized burger bars including not only the expected sirloin but also other burger options, like lamb, chorizo, lump crab, tuna,  and black beans and rice. The little slider is out and has been replaced with a much larger version. 

8. Mocktails are big — people are asking for healthy nonalcoholic choices for their bar menus.

9. Chef-manned guacamole bars featuring not only the usual but also more unique versions like grilled pineapple chipolte mango guacamole with crispy bacon crumbles. 

10. Beachside clam bakes, paella bars, whole catch-of-the-day fish encrusted in sea salt and cooked on the grill. 

11. Corn on the cob bars served up with every topping imaginable: flavored butters, spreads, herbs, cheese, bacon, and spices.

12. Cobblers: all-American blueberry, apple, peach, and cherry served simply à la mode — oversized and baked or deconstructed in a glass or jar.