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Mark Baron and Jane Babcook

In the high-stakes world of Hamptons real estate, people tend to go it alone. The conventional wisdom is that to get ahead, to provide a white glove touch, and to ensure consistent service, there’s nothing like the personal attention of a single agent or broker. Just about everything has the multi-connotation word “exclusive” attached to it.

So, it garnered attention early last year when Mark Baron and Jane Babcook, of Brown Harris Stevens, announced they would be taking a partnership approach. “The type of concierge service our customers demand and deserve is above and beyond the conventional agent–client relationship that clients have too often become used to,” said Mark Baron, a local real estate legend. “We find that the more knowledge you bring to the experience, the more successful the transaction will be.”

He was right, and as Baron and Babcook emerge into the 2018 season with more than $100 million in exclusive listings under their belts, a new network that promises to expand their influence to other luxury markets in the US, and a shared sense of what will leave an indelible mark on the experience of their customers, they are feeling exceptionally good. “The bottom line is that the partnership between Mark and me is successful and only getting stronger. We are totally performance-driven and performance-based, and it’s something that we’re very proud of,” said Babcook. “Not only are we doing a lot as buyers’ brokers, and finding greater opportunities for value in this market with already a lot of closings this year, but, in addition, we’ve grown our listing side of the business in excess of a $100 million.”

According to Babcook and Baron, they’ve been able to do so in such a short period of time because they offer a white glove approach to their clients that not only gets results, but also gets high marks for satisfaction from the process.

This activity has made them industry leaders and placed them squarely at the front of the pack in terms of marketing, including social media. Chances are you’ve seen “Hamptons Luxury Agents,” their team moniker, and one that truly represents their partnership. “We are now being approached by multiple agents throughout the Brown Harris Stevens network to join our team so that we can offer clients the best referral base no matter where they are purchasing their home on the East Coast,” says Baron, pointing out hot spots like Miami, Palm Beach, the Hamptons, and New York City.

The pair has established strong connections, particularly in New York and Florida, that will expand their reach and create even more value for their clients by putting their listings front and center in some of the most affluent markets, including Europe.

Brown Harris Stevens is one of the country’s oldest and most reputable residential brokerage firms, with over 350 full-time brokers in the New York City area, over 100 brokers in Palm Beach, and 125 brokers in Miami. Today, this venerable agency has adopted a brand new look and approach to its own marketing and is well worth a look. “We love it!” says Babcook. “It’s fresh, contemporary, bold, honest, and smart. It truly aligns with our approach as ‘Hamptons Luxury Agents,’ which is to be current and effective, and is why our personal brand has become so strong and so lifestyle-driven.”

So, what’s driving the market this summer? Baron has some very specific thoughts. “I think there’s still a real sweet spot between properties listed from $2.5 to $6 million and that new construction is still very much king,” he says. “People are still very much value-driven and looking for quality.”

That being said, Baron and Babcook are known for their one-of-a-kind listings, ultra prestigious properties that can’t be found anywhere else. Among them is Sag Harbor’s 238 Main Street and 43 Suffolk Street. “These are extraordinary properties and don’t adhere to the normal pricing principles, but are still getting great response,” says Baron.

Despite all the success, one thing that also sets apart Baron and Babcook is their down-to-earth approach — they are genuinely excited to get back into the swing of summer and, in particular, to partake in the activities that really give them their fuel.

For instance, Babcook, who is well known for her connections in the equestrian world, is also an avid cook and boater. Her love of the water is the perfect downtime to explore the scenic beauty of the area, whether fishing, sailing, clamming, or paddle-boarding.

Baron is also most at home on the water. He claims that the Caribbean is second only to the Hamptons: His favorite pastime in the off-season is cruising through warm waters. But he also gets energized from yoga, hiking, and eating great food. “Right now I’m spending a lot of time on my new motor yacht, which makes me exceptionally happy,” says Baron. “And, as for our clients, they’ve had a good year on Wall Street and have continued to grow their portfolios. I expect that they are sharing the same enthusiasm for the summer that I am!”

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