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People Do Judge Teeth By Their Covers

It’s true: there is no shortage of dentists who are willing to go to work on your mouth, whether to simply polish your smile or perform a more thorough reconstruction. Many dentists opt to differentiate themselves with “exclusive” products (read: licensing agreements and personalized labels); others rely on a short list of celebrity clients to lend credibility.

In a recent conversation with Dr. Steven Fox about veneers and prosthetics, Social Life learned about the Dr. Fox’s extraordinarily impressive resumé and experience.

Dr. Fox has partnered with the U.S. Government and the American Dental Association to develop many of the products used in oral care today. From the liquid calcium in adhesives for veneers and crowns to the most effective toothpastes on the market, he has been a leader in R&D. Dr. Fox has raised over $70 million to develop oral care products that rebuild, strengthen, and restore tooth structure. When Dr. Fox was the chairman and CEO of Enamelon, Inc., his scientific advisory board included a Nobel Prize winner for chemistry, the assistant U.S. surgeon general, and the dean of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

Dr. Fox is the only doctor in New York City who has served on the faculties of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and the NYU School of Dentistry; served as an officer of Harvard University; and served on a tech board at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a leading expert on dentistry and is frequently tapped by every form of media for his knowledge and opinions.

Let’s zero in on veneers. Why should patients choose you?

I have teams of experienced lab technicians who work closely with me to create the correct size and shape of each veneer. When we design a veneer, we take into consideration the aesthetics of the entire face. I also integrate tried-and-true modeling with digital imaging to help the patient visualize the absolute perfect option for them. We don’t cut corners. Quite simply: we’re experts.

What holds people back from veneers?

Generally, it’s misinformation. Some people think that a veneer means losing a lot of tooth structure. This isn’t true. Very little structure is lost. Some think a veneer is fragile, that it will fall off unexpectedly. This is not true in my practice because of the excellent adhesives I use. Veneers, when properly crafted and applied, look like natural teeth—beautiful natural teeth.  My teams are dedicated to ensuring a great patient experience.

What are the most common reasons people get veneers?

To look better! Whether it’s a career, a social life, a dating life   . . . there are few things that leave as indelible an impression as one’s teeth. Veneers are the perfect solution for straightening teeth without the long process of orthodontia, and the best solution for teeth that will not bleach white. 

We have to ask: what can go wrong when seeking veneers?

Let’s take the high road—I don’t want to speak ill of my peers. What I will say is that it’s much more likely that nothing will go wrong when you rely on experience, education, and passion, and these are the attributes that I bring to this work. 

Dr. Steven Fox

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