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I’ll say it: caterers are a dime a dozen, and these days anyone can throw together what emerges as a makeshift party of cheese plates and shrimp platters. Events and even some weddings have become so painfully predictable in their food and beverage offerings that you often think twice about attending.

That’s why it’s so refreshing when you learn that at a fabulous affair it’s often Lessing’s that is behind the magic. With nearly 130 years of provenance and family ownership — and the white glove service that comes with it — Lessing’s, which offers a full gamut of luxury hospitality offerings, is known for its innovation, sustainability, commitment to healthy food, and an extraordinary network and reach that make it possible for them to be wherever you want, whenever you want.

Today, the remarkable company boasts a portfolio of seventeen properties, stretching from Montauk to Manhattan, up to Westchester, and now emerging in Florida. For the off-premise events division, the sky is the limit.

“We host private events anywhere, at any level, from the East End in Montauk and Southampton to Manhattan and now in Florida,” says Jennifer Cantin, the director of marketing and development. “Lessing’s is known as the premier luxury caterer of our region and has earned its reputation of remarkable hospitality over the last 127 years of business.”

Social Lifelearned from Cantin that, while anything is possible, there are a few things that are trending in 2018.

Going into the 2018 season, what’s hot this year?

From a catering standpoint, our high-end customers are looking to go outside the box. Recently, I was at a wedding at one of our venues, and tiny bottles of Patrón with straws and mini tacos were a passed hors d’oeuvre during cocktail hour. Couples today are looking to really impress their guests.

And Lessing’s never has to say no?

We do everything that we can to make all wedding dreams come true. Most are moving away from the standard and traditional ways, like the three-course sit-down dinner.

It must be challenging to deliver on some of the asks.

Each wedding and event poses its own challenges, but we will do everything in our power to deliver. Clients want their events to be personalized. We have a long history of pulling out all the stops and making things happen. Now, with the growth of our venue portfolio, we’re able to serve more markets.

How do you handle the real curve ball requests?

Having people, talent, and resources that truly cover our geography. Our teams are everywhere and that allows us to deliver on a higher level than what others might be able to.

If you personally had to choose a favorite venue, what would it be and why?

Oh gosh . . . there’s too many to choose from!  I’m biased because I love the beach and ocean.  I love our properties in Montauk; there’s no other  place like it in the world.

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