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Summer Gear Upgrade

With the official start of summer just weeks away, it’s time to upgrade your summer home with the latest and greatest in beach and outdoor gear.

Grab the kebabs and get ready to grill! Camp Chef’s Woodwind SG is your ticket to smoking, baking, roasting, braising, barbecuing, or even searing all your favorite foods. It’s fueled by premium hardwood pellets that generate heat and smoke—infusing your food with a savory wood fire taste that’ll make your taste buds sing. $899

Let me introduce you to the Yeti Tundra 45,  your new best friend this summer. Take this sleek cooler to the beach for a full day of fun or keep it handy in your backyard for any and all of your chilled beverage needs. Which is to say it’s built to last and will keep your contents ice-cold even in sweltering conditions, like a triple-digit summer day in the Hamptons. Tundra 45 in Ice Blue, $300

Fill up your Yeti with your own brew from the Brooklyn Brew Shop! Needless to say your friends will be impressed with your beer making skills. The company simplified the process to make beer brewing more accessible to everyone. The Everyday IPA is a popular brew, but the company has over 20 kits, including a sparkling rose kit and a hard cider kit. Hello, summer! Everyday IPA Kit, $48