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Framing Up Photographer David Hechler

Of all the vendors a couple engages for their wedding, the one whose importance ranks especially high is the photographer. This professional preserves memories — for a lifetime and beyond.
The photographer David Hechler knows well the gravity of the task before him whenever he agrees to document the happiest day of just about anyone’s life. It comes easy to him, though. After all, he turned a childhood passion for photography into a decades-long, successful profession.
It’s even likely that both you and David — or one of his associates at Hechler Photographers — will be at the same wedding at some point in the Hamptons this summer. So, in case you’re wondering, we asked what motivates and inspires this artist as he’s constantly looking for that perfect shot.

Whether you’re shooting a wedding, a corporate event, or some other fête, what inspires you?
That’s easy. I love people. When it comes to weddings, in particular, it’s such an amazing opportunity to get to know people and share their joy. I get to do more than that, because I’m actually responsible for capturing that joy. It’s a very special responsibility.

Weddings can be fairly high-stress affairs. How do you know when things will go well from a client-relationship perspective, and what role do you play in that?
I think you know, and have to know, right away that things must go well. I think the role that I play is that people need to like me . . . and trust me. We need to like each other. So, we meet and set the tone, and I remind them that this will and should be the best day of their life. As far as the photographs are concerned, I reassure them that I have it covered!

How do you manage clients who have a lot of demands in terms of the various photos they want?
You know what? I do what people ask me to do. The truth, though, is that every wedding really is an open palette, and you never know what the day will bring. You just need to be prepared.
Wedding photography has certainly changed over the years. What do you think is trending right now?
That’s actually a tough one. I’d say that it’s all pretty cyclical. One thing that I find more often now is the breadth of the assignment. It used to be that as a photographer, you’d leave after the cake was cut. Now, clients tend to want everything captured — from bridal showers to the after parties. Of course, those are fun because people are much looser! It’s great, though, because it’s all part of the day.

Does any wedding or event come to mind that was your favorite to photograph?
I think that every wedding is awesome to see, and I’m very lucky to be a part of so many of them!
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