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Stride Arts Opens in New York City

Stride Arts is a brand-new art and exhibition space in the heart of Manhattan that will open on Friday, May 17. The gallery will present some of today’s most notable and passionate emerging and established artists while offering a variety of ownership options for art aficionados.


Founded by, and under the direction of, Angel Zhang, will be open 9:30am – 6:30pm, Monday through Friday and by appointment. In addition to the main gallery space, which features warm hardwood floors, full windows, and a stage, there are several conference rooms and various showrooms. 


Stride Arts will offer a multitude of services to artists and their art collectors. For artists, they provide a multifunctional platform with studio space, marketing, and business strategic advice, and promotion through unique and appealing programming. For collectors – personal, business and institutional, they will negotiate the sale of the work as well as providing rental services, where art aficionados of all types can benefit from their team of specialists who will curate work, available at affordable prices that can be regularly rotated. ​


Stride Arts specializes in working with modern and contemporary art, and for their first exhibition, a group show, they will present work from featured artists including, Peter Andrew Jeschke “Paj”, Clovercroft, New Hampshire, Chu Okoli, Houston, TX, Dominick Anthony Dejesus, New York, Kerstin A. Roolfs, New York, Kate Thomas, New York, Xin Song, New York, John Shorb, New York, Novorozhkin (Jarema Khrushch) Chicago, Nancy Langer, New York, Jingxing Yan, and Xiangdong Chen, New York, who will hold a solo show at the gallery space in mid-June.


Angel Zhang has a background as an investor in the arts and as a supporter of emerging artists. Angel is the Founder and CEO of a commercial, industrial and digital printer manufacturer in China that has offices across the country and internationally. She is a prolific collector and an investor in several galleries across China, where she helped several famous Chinese artists to establish their careers. Angel moved to New York City more than a decade ago and now splits her time between her homes in Manhattan and Long Island.​