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CBD Oil: The Multi-Purpose Miracle

By L.A. Dawson

Cannabidiol (CBD) is found in the flower of the cannabis plant. Medicinal properties of CBD are being tested and reported by scientists and doctors. Non-intoxicating, non-addictive, and usually safe, it can be an alternative to harsh pharmaceuticals and their side-effects.

CBD is showing promise in the following areas.

Pain relief — It reduces pain by affecting the endocannabinoid receptor system. This system regulates pain, sleep, appetite, and immune response.

Anxiety and depression — It affects serotonin, the neurotransmitter that regulates mood and social behavior. Studies show excellent response when used to treat anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, social anxiety, and depression. It also has been used to treat animals with separation anxiety.

Cancer side effects — It may lessen vomiting, nausea, and pain.

Acne — Its anti-inflammatory properties may help acne.

Neurodegeneration — It may slow neurodegeneration associated with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and may have brain protective properties for persons dealing with epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s chorea, stroke, and traumatic brain injury.

Heart Health — It may reduce inflammation linked to cell death resulting from heart disease.

Substance abuse — It can modify brain circuits related to drug addiction.

Anti-tumor properties — It could possibly prevent the spread of breast, prostate, brain, colon, and lung cancers.

Diabetes — It may help with diabetic neuropathy.

Many holistic practitioners have believed in and suggested CBD oil to their patients suffering from pain and anxiety before it became popular. Frustrated with the slow research, they knew this product could have helped patients, but for many years was associated with its close cousin THC. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the main active ingredient of cannabis that is responsible for a marijuana high.
The debate about THC health benefits has continued for years, and has resulted in legalized cannabis in some states and legalized CBD oil in others. As that discussion continues and escalates, we thankfully have CBD oil to help relieve symptoms and cumulatively and positively heal many maladies.
On its website the Mayo Clinic cautions that CBD may have adverse effects for some people, including dry mouth, gastrointestinal distress, reduced appetite, drowsiness, and fatigue. The website also states:
“Another cause for concern is the unreliability of the purity and dosage of CBD in products. A recent study of 84 CBD products bought online showed that more than a quarter of the products contained less CBD than labeled. In addition, THC was found in 18 products.” For more information, see