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Frederico Azevedo – An Artist in Full Bloom

With talent and inspiration forged in the lush and modern environments of Brazil, Frederico Azevedo has brought much more to the tony backyards and commercial spaces of the Hamptons than a typical landscape designer. He is known locally and internationally for the deft way his gardens integrate the natural landscape into a comprehensive and intentional design. His unique skill in blending exotic and native plants creates a perfect balance between simplicity and elegance.
As the founder of Unlimited Earth Care, Inc, Azevedo is renowned globally for his creations, having been featured on the cover and in the pages of some of the world’s most celebrated magazines. He and his business naturally have landed at the top of every “best of” list imaginable.
Last June, at the Unlimited Earth Care headquarters in Bridgehampton, Azevedo celebrated 25 years of art in landscaping with friends and clients, prompting him to muse: “There is no place in the world like the Hamptons . . . the clientele here push you to become a better professional.”
As Azevedo embarks on year 26 as the top professional in what is arguably the most idyllic place on earth, with, by the way, a new book under his belt titled Bloom (which will be profiled in an upcoming issue of Social Life), we wanted to get to know Azevedo a little better.

Where did this passion for landscaping bloom for you?
I’ve been involved in landscaping my entire life, but it really began as a child in Brazil. I was very focused on gardens at my parents’ house, and eventually began to move flowers and plants around. I went on to study landscape design in Brazil, the U.S., and at Oxford in England, and ultimately made my way to the Hamptons.

How would you define your work in the Hamptons?
Modern concepts in which everything flows and is interconnected. The challenge is to keep spaces open, while still providing interest and diversity. My gardens integrate the natural landscape into a comprehensive and intentional design. I am focused on keeping an eye to both architecture and the environment to give each design a perfect balance.

What inspires you?
I am truly inspired by modernism, and the push for something new. I love landscapes and projects that allow me to create. The Hamptons is similar to the environment of Brazil when I was designing during the early years of my career, and it’s what truly motivates me today.

What sets the Hamptons apart for you and inspires your projects?
It’s quite simply one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. The mix of farms, fields, woods, dunes, lakes, ponds, bays, and ocean — there is no place in the world quite like it.

What excites you most about design?
Everything. The whole process. I love seeing an environment for the first time. Creating a vision in my mind. Spending time in my office and developing a concept and plan. Choosing plant material. Then, of course, installation and having contact with the soil. When everything is finished, that’s actually really just the beginning because everything begins to grow and have its own space with different colors and textures. It’s an amazing, magical live process that evolves over years.

Unlimited Earth Care, Inc.