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Anna Beck Designs – Handcrafted with Balinese Love

We searched high and low for our favorite summer accessories and fell head-over-heels in love with Anna Beck Designs. Simply gorgeous rings, necklaces, and bracelets ­— both elegant and innovative — our recommended must-have adornments of the season. The Anna Beck design philosophy began out of love and deep appreciation for Bali, experienced by Anna Beck’s founder and designer, Becky Hosmer. One-of-a-kind jewelry always feels special, but Anna Beck takes this concept to a new level. The unique designs are 100 percent handcrafted in Bali, where traditional Balinese jewelry techniques are used by skilled artisans who create each piece by hand, sometimes taking up to three days to make.
In the spirit of local tradition, each piece is blessed with a Balinese offering of love and gratitude. This is Anna Beck’s gift to you, and your gift to yourself and others. We just love this! Anna Beck inspires each person wearing something from the collections to feel the essence of Bali, which is all about balance, love, and connection.

Anna Beck Designs is available at This summer a special curated collection can be found at the Pigment Collective at 38 Main Street in Southampton.

Born with a heart to wander, Becky Hosmer, the founder and CEO of Anna Beck, discovered Bali on her travels and immediately fell in love. From a young age, Becky always had a creative eye, a kind heart, and an evolving passion for travel and culture. Upon graduating from Boston University, Becky traveled to Bali, Indonesia, where she discovered a local artisan who was making beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Not only was she captivated by Indonesian culture and traditions, but she also was surrounded by skilled artisans and creative energy. Working with local smiths and using centuries-old techniques, she began designing jewelry for friends and family. Upon returning home, Becky shared her jewelry with those around her, offering them a little piece of Balinese culture. Through her love of travel and commitment to service, Becky has organically forged partnerships with organizations and individuals that are making an impact. From the Bumi Sehat Foundation in Indonesia to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Orphan Project in Kenya to Project Soar in Morocco, she seeks to bring things full circle and build bridges for people from all walks of life. With the release of its charity collections, Anna Beck supports and empowers foundations around the globe, with 30% of sales benefiting each charity from which the designs were inspired.