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PJS Group – Private Jet Services


Private Jet Services (PJS) was built on a passion for flying. As a leader in the private aviation industry since 2003, PJS offers a unique and customized approach for each and every client. PJS understands private aviation is a tool to save time and reduce the stress of travel. Whether you’re heading to your favorite vacation spot or have a demanding corporate schedule, PJS makes travel simple and enjoyable. This is a method that consistently delivers choice, value, and peace of mind for the global clientele PJS serves.
Join the all-inclusive membership program with no hidden extras and no surprise fees. Members of the PJS Jet Card program enjoy the industry’s most affordable rates, with hourly rate locks for a minimum of 12 months. Access business jets across a broad spectrum of cabin sizes and fly smarter with the best solutions available in the industry. Customize your experience and choose between elite class or priority class aircraft on every flight. Jet Card members receive 365-day support with guaranteed access to aircraft in just 10-hours advance notice.
The PJS team is well known for extraordinary customer service and they’re unparalleled in value and responsiveness. Since 2003 PJS has been committed to providing each and every client with a positive aviation experience and they’re excellent at it!

Here is a glance at pjs product offerings:

Flexibility and Value — The best within the industry for significant savings compared to fractional programs or other national jet card programs.

Global Footprint — Unlimited access to aircraft worldwide.

Safety — A dedicated Director of Safety.

Hours — Tailored to increments of your choice, starting with a minimum of 25 hours.

Aircraft Size — Light, mid, super-mid, and heavy.

Age Differentiation — Two price categories based on age of aircraft:
Elite — Aircraft guaranteed to be manufactured in the year 2000 or after, with an average age of 6 years.
Priority — Aircraft are held to the same exact safety standards as elite, but were manufactured prior to 2000.

Backed by the largest assemblage of veteran aviation experts in the industry, the PJS Jet Card is the most intelligent way to fly privately. And it’s Social Life editors’ favorite way to travel!

Contact anytime to learn more about their services.