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Dr. David Shafer – Devoted to Cutting-Edge Procedures

David Shafer, M.D., of the Shafer Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, treats celebrities and highly successful professionals from all industries. After all, he participated in prestigious fellowships, trained at the Mayo Clinic, is double-board certified, teaches plastic surgery residents and fellow doctors, works closely with industry on new technology, and conducts peer reviews. Dr. Shafer is sought after by the media as a subject-matter expert.
Dr. Shafer and his staff are experts in dozens of traditional and vanguard procedures. One of the many attractive aspects of his practice is its setting. An inviting office in a skyscraper with panoramic views invites patients to linger and chat with the staff or learn about the latest treatments. “I established the practice with the goal of breaking down the traditional doctor-patient barrier to create an environment where patients feel comfortable and relaxed. This approach allows patients to openly share their face, breast, or body concerns so they can achieve their best outcomes,” he says, noting that about 50% of his patients are international and take advantage of his fly-in-program. He also provides virtual visits online for consultations and post-procedure follow-ups.”
“Today’s patient is sophisticated, inquisitive, and information-seeking,” he says, emphasizing the criticality of remaining innovative and cutting-edge. Dr. Shafer, who says his inspiration originated from a love of biology and art, reports that a number of procedures are trending. For women, he says, many of the traditional procedures combined with modern technology continue to be popular, including liposuction, breast augmentation, eyelids, and facelift. However, other lifts are trending, too, including anti-aging lip lifts and Mommy-makeovers. Getting women back into shape after delivering their bundles of joy (achieving what diet and exercise can’t) he says is popular.
Dr. Shafer developed a uniquely leading-edge procedure for men, his very own S.W.A.G. — Shafer Width and Girth procedure for the penis. “It has amazing results for men and the people who love them,” he says. According to Dr. Shafer, new technology with dermal fillers has allowed a breakthrough in penis enhancement. “The same products which are FDA-approved to enhance cheeks and lips are injected into the penis shaft and glans [head] to significantly increase penis circumference and moderately increase penis length,” he says, adding that he also has innovated procedures for penile erectile dysfunction. “Studies show that penis girth is most desirable in terms of appearance and also intimate relations.”
“It’s amazing the uptick in men who are taking advantage of these and other services,” says Dr. Shafer. “Gay to straight, investors to firemen. Most guys want it all, and we can help them achieve it.”

David Shafer, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Shafer Plastic Surgery & Laser Center
10 East 53rd Street, 25th Floor | 212.888.7770