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Dr. Arash Akhavan – No Detail Too Small

The world of non- and minimally-invasive cosmetic medicine is indeed a crowded field, so when it comes to separating the wheat from the chaff, the details matter. As does the renown. Arash Akhavan, M.D., is known for both the reputation of his practice and the unique elements that keep it in the spotlight. As the founder of Manhattan’s famed Dermatology & Laser Group, Dr. Akhavan is at the forefront of advanced techniques in cosmetic medicine and was among the first to bring some of the newest technologies — for example, EmSculpt and SculpSure for body sculpting and Cellfina for cellulite — to the New York City area. A Manhattan native who was educated at Cornell and The Mount Sinai School of Medicine, where he is now a faculty member, Dr. Akhavan heads what is arguably the largest and most advanced cosmetic laser center in Manhattan.
Perhaps that’s why he’s often the only one among his peers to be tapped as a subject-matter expert and opinion leader by major media on some of the innovations and issues that emerge within the field. “The reason for this is simple,” says Dr. Akhavan. “We truly care about our patients, and we will help them have healthy skin and achieve their dream look no matter what.”

Social Life was thrilled for the opportunity to learn more from Dr. Akhavan himself.

What is it that truly drives you and your practice?
Customer satisfaction. Helping people is what drew me to medicine in the first place, and aesthetics is an extension of that. I have patients who come in who are really down about their appearance, and we help them get back to a place of joy. That’s what drives me every day, the happiness we create.

In terms of the environment of the center, what do you think sets you apart?
From the moment you step into the office, we take a very patient-centric approach. If you’re waiting more than a minute to be checked in, well, that would be unusual. The waiting room is purposely designed to be the coolest and most comfortable living room you could be sitting in — it doesn’t feel like a waiting room at all. We are insanely over-staffed, and that’s intentional so that our patients literally have everything they may need or want, from the check-in process to the actual procedure to follow up. When we started the practice 10 years ago, other doctors said we were crazy and wouldn’t make money, but the model has proven to be something people really like.

What’s new and advancing in the space these days?
Body contouring, and we do all of it. The trend, however, is towards procedures that require less and less downtime. The hottest and most exciting procedure over this past year has been EmSculpt, which approaches body sculpting in two ways: burning fat and building muscle at the same time. It’s very exciting for patients, and can be used just about anywhere except the chest.

You must get a lot of love back from your patients.
We do, and it feels great. We have been on New York Magazine’s Best Doctor list for the past couple of years, we always get lots of amazing Google reviews, and our favorite feedback comes directly from the patients themselves . . . it has been a really positive way to build a practice.

Arash Akhavan, M.D., F.A.A.D.
The Dermatology & Laser Group
200 West 57th Street, Suite 510