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Anna Avaliani, M.D. – Bespoke Injectables

Anna Avaliani, M.D., is an award-winning physician who is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery. Her practice is devoted to non-invasive treatments and procedures that rejuvenate, contour, re-shape, and tighten. She can choose among 24 FDA-approved lasers; radio-frequency, sonar, and thread technologies; and 16 different injectables. This article, one of several that will appear this summer, discusses injectables — formulas that fill, smooth, and promote collagen.
Dr. Avaliani’s beautiful and serene office, just off Park Avenue on the UES, is where her medical skill combines with loving artistry to prevent signs of aging in younger patients and reverse the look of wrinkled and lax skin in middle-aged and older patients. Dr. Avaliani also uses injectables as an alternative to plastic surgery. The “liquid facelift” is one of her specialties, among many. She can, for example, treat gummy smiles, reshape noses, augment chins, mask jowls, and plump cheeks. Her loyal patients include models, celebrities, and executives from the worlds of entertainment, sports, and business as well as their friends and relatives who admire the beautiful and natural-looking results that Dr. Avaliani achieves.
Before you have any injectable, know that your practitioner is one of the best — someone, like Dr. Avaliani, who has extensive training, expertise, and a gift for symmetry and natural results. Injectables are medical procedures, and she is a National Injector Trainer for Galderma, the company that makes Restylane (a filler), Dysport (an alternative to Botox), and Sculptra (a collagen promoter). To date, Dr. Avaliani has administered well over 10,000 FDA-approved injectables.
It matters that Dr. Avaliani always stays current on the medical literature about FDA-approved injectables, their best uses, best dosages, best application. She is both knowledgeable and experienced. In fact, she is on the National Advisory Board for Galderma.
The exact pressure that is applied during an injection is important — sometimes critically so, especially around the eyes. Dr. Avaliani has an instrument that she uses to identify vessels under the skin — to avoid puncturing a blood vessel, which would result in bruising or possibly a serious vision complication. A needle’s size, its precise placement, and the exact depth of an injection has a lot to do with results as well as safety and comfort.
Dr. Avaliani never rushes a patient. You’ll see that she kindly listens and patiently explains exactly what she recommends to meet your expectations. When expectations are unrealistic, Dr. Avaliani will say so. Her aim is for a continuing relationship that is built on trust – and, of course, fabulous results.

Anna Avaliani, M.D.
30 East 60th Street, Suite 1100