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Punch Pedal House – Transformation Fit

From Montauk to Brooklyn, Punch Pedal House is receiving rave reviews from those brave enough to give it a try. The fitness studio houses both HIIT indoor cycling and boxing bootcamp, allowing members to reap the benefits of these two dynamic, workouts in one place. Created by a former D1 athlete, Joey Foley, and a classically trained ballerina and fashion model, Nada Vasilijevic, the workouts are designed to change your body through carefully crafted classes.

An interview with Joey and Nada follows.

Joey Foley, Nada Vasilijevic

What would you say is the most difficult part of running your own fitness studio?
Nada Vasilijevic: Balance. Our lives are limited outside of the studio due to our perfectionist personalities. We take on all the responsibilities: janitorial, front desk, instruction, you name it. We did this to experience and understand every aspect and then teach our employees how we need our business to run. It’s about building a strong foundation, one that allows us to stand apart and create a loyal following.

What sets your cycling and boxing bootcamp classes apart from the rest?
Joey Foley: We’re like Instagram. We respect the idea and pathway social networking sites like MySpace paved for us, but we’re the next generation. Our formulas have been methodically designed based on the training practices of athletes who have competed.
There are similarities to outsiders, but unless you have taken our spin and boxing classes, you might as well think all cycling and boxing classes are alike. 
A client said that we are the unapologetic approach to fitness. We want you to be bold, but composed. Take life and love it, but still make your story with authority. It is an experience and workout that comes second to none.

How do you describe your style of teaching?
NV: Our styles are similar but different. Joey has always used sports as an escape. so when he opens the door to his clients everything disappears: worry, distress. And he inspires his class to do the same. I, too, encourage my class to forget about their stress and just be in the moment with me. I want them to overcome their physical limits, enjoy the music and the choreography, and let the endorphins take over. We both strive to have our classes leave better than when they came in.

What’s next for Punch Pedal House?
JF: Because of the success of our pop-up in the Hamptons, we will be looking for a good partner/landlord that wants a stable, long-term client. Someone who is willing to take a chance on us and believes in our philosophy. There is a real demand for indoor cycling and boxing classes Out East, and it’s pretty much an open market.
We are looking at studios in Manhattan. We are ready to expand and we have the demand. We have people coming from Manhattan to Brooklyn daily. If we can succeed in this little section of Brooklyn, Manhattan will be a lot easier. All ventures have their issues. This is a marathon not a sprint for us.

Punch Pedal House