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Mark Baron – Service Reimagined

Renowned real estate broker Mark Baron is never one to shy away from an opportunity, especially when it means that his clients will be the ultimate benefactors.  

“There is one thing that motivates me above anything else, and that’s ensuring that my clients receive concierge service, from the moment we have that first call or meeting to the second keys are exchanged,” says Baron. “Purchasing a home stirs a range of emotions, and it’s my responsibility to ensure that joy and satisfaction are chief among them.”

According to Baron, for that reason he made an important decision this year: to join the team of Saunders & Associates in the Hamptons.

“Throughout the lifecycle of your career, you learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, and in this case, it really became a question of how do I align myself with an organization that puts clients above everything else, and does so by supporting their brokers with the most exceptional tools and resources for completely seamless transactions,” says Baron. “The world of real estate has changed dramatically. In my opinion, Saunders is among the rare few who have not only kept pace, but have raised the bar for exceptional experiences.”

Baron has a point. Saunders’ prominence in the industry is attributed to the group’s keen insights into today’s market and its elevated approach to Hamptons real estate through a powerful marketing focus, a fierce commitment to enabling the deal, and a refined, concierge style that is uniquely sensitive to Hamptons culture. 

Notably selected to be the Hamptons member of “Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate,” a global referral network of the world’s most elite luxury real estate brokers, Saunders lives its mantra of “A Higher Form of Realty” every day, with every transaction. 

“As you can imagine, this was not a difficult decision to make, especially in this environment and at this point in my career,” says Baron, who acknowledges that Saunders has become the leading brokerage in the Hamptons, with the most top-tier brokers and the best performance record. “That’s the type of team with which I want to be associated.”

And he fits right in.

A top-producing broker with a superb track record, Baron has built a stellar real estate career as a buyer’s and listing broker with extensive expertise in luxury new construction, waterfront, and investment properties. His own level of professionalism is matched only by what he expects of his affiliated agency. His comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market is encyclopedic — from Southampton to Montauk. His international background and dynamic personality have elevated him to the ranks of top producers and have repeatedly earned him the distinction of being nationally recognized in the top percent of North American sales associates. 

Even in the Hamptons, it’s an achievement to have been involved in over $1 billion in residential sales and rentals. It is  Baron’s keen negotiating skills, vast experience, and complete discretion that have allowed him to represent some of the Hamptons most renowned properties and high-net-worth clientele, thereby crossing that billion-dollar threshold.

Baron keeps his bar high, and that, he says, is why Saunders was a no-brainer. He adds that he credits those at the top of the agency. “The main reasons I personally moved over, and why most people do, is that Andrew and Colleen Saunders do not compete with their brokers. They support them. They have incredibly high integrity, and have the reputation for being among the most honest people in the business,” says Baron. “They created a business model for brokers, meaning they have a support system that mobilizes behind every broker and every listing, a huge marketing department with cutting-edge technology, and one that is absolutely results-driven.”

But, says Baron, it’s really even more simple than that. “Saunders is client focused. Period. The staff is the most dedicated in the business. The offices are already humming at 8 a.m. The atmosphere is appointed superbly. Andrew and Colleen Saunders go above and beyond to ensure the comfort level of their brokers, and quite obviously this transfers to the comfort level of our clients,” says Baron.

This, says Baron, has allowed him to elevate the level of concierge service that his clients receive and produce the results they want in a timely manner.

“The bottom line is that the process at Saunders is really streamlined for the client because of the high value placed on honesty and integrity, and the vast resources of both the marketing department and administrative staff,” says Baron. “When people arrive in the morning, they are happy to be there. That’s rare in this industry, and the halo effect this has on clients is immeasurable.”

Baron says that one of the most rewarding aspects of his new affiliation is being around like-minded people. In this case, working with people who love what they do — as he does. “To say it’s refreshing is an understatement,” he says. “It’s profound, and it’s helping us all stand out from the crowd.”

Mark Baron

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Saunders & Associates

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