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By Kristy Rao

Summer is finally here, marking a time for barbecues, parties, the beach, and plenty of socializing with family and friends. As a nutritionist, I coach my clients on how to stay healthy, lose weight, and keep it off while enjoying all the fun summer has to offer. Here are some simple yet effective strategies to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the Hamptons. 

Eat before the party.

Don’t show up hungry and feast on the hors d’oeuvres. Instead, snack on some crudité with hummus before leaving the house. 

Pick what’s local and in season.

Go to the farmer’s market and opt for locally caught fish. 

Get active outside!

You are away for the weekend to unwind, so work out without the stress. Go for a long walk on the beach, go paddleboarding, take a bicycle ride, or play tag with your kids.

Limit the alcohol.

I know that one rosé becomes six real quick! So, have water between drinks, and limit yourself to three drinks. Wine spritzers are a great option, as they are lower in alcohol and also will keep you hydrated. 

Stay hydrated!

Aim to have 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. 

Pick a healthier ice cream.

The kids are having Scoop Du Jour, but you could head over to Second Nature to find single-serving sizes of a healthier alternative in the freezer. Otherwise, try a small plain frozen yogurt at Buddha Berry, where you can load up on plenty of healthy toppings such as nuts and berries. Keep the fridge stocked with a coconut milk-based ice cream. Provisions has some really great options that are organic, lower in sugar, non-GMO, and dairy-free! Also, acai bowls are a great alternative to ice cream. Try Beach Bowls in Bridge. 

Healthify your BBQ.

It’s all about portion size. Fill up on veggies. Choose one protein to stick with and don’t refill your plate. Bring a salad or vegetable skewers if you are not the one hosting. Also, do without the burger bun!

Pack healthy snacks (and water)!

This way, you won’t need to pull over to 7 Eleven or wind up having the chips served on the Jitney. Some possibilities include Greek yogurt, a Kind or Health Warrior bar, raw almonds, or a green apple. 

Kristy Rao