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Super Model Rachel Hunter Joins DAHlicious Organic at Expo East and Shares Meditation Techniques

Meditation, yoga expert and supermodel Rachel Hunter has teamed up with DAHlicious Organic, America’s #1 India-style lassi and yogurt brand, to help launch their new platform at Natural Products Expo East 2019. The core values of the new brand mirror the ancient Indian values of harmony, balance and taking time to enjoy each delicious moment of life. The new brand platform includes brand values, points of difference, messaging, design and packaging.

Owners Ajeet Burns and JD Sethi

The DAHlicious Organic booth at Expo East featured a balanced and harmonious yoga studio environment with an emphasis on meditation and yoga along with an India-style lassi and yogurt bar guests. The lassi bar served the entire line of dairy and plant-based products from DAHlicious Organic.

Rachel educated attendees on the enlightened lifestyle. She provided insights into the harmony and balance that develops from the practice of yoga and meditation. The Supermodel shared her personal tips on how to incorporate this lifestyle ideal into your daily life, which aligns with the overall ethos of the DAHlicious brand.

“The new DAHlicious Organic brand platform helps us reach a goal of communicating clearly, authentically and approachability of who we are as a brand. The Indian heritage story is the foundation of our business and part of the history of the company’s leadership team. It is reflected in our unique methods of yogurt-making and now will be evident in our brand,” states Ajeet Burns, President of DAHlicious Organic.

The company has refined its point of differences, to include “India-style,” “slow-cultured” and “high probiotic – 15 billion live probiotics per serving” on all yogurts.

“India-Style” and “Slow-Cultured” reflect the ancient Indian techniques of culturing yogurt at lower temperatures for longer times than most if not all modern-day yogurt brands. DAHlicious Organic has always made all of its yogurts USDA Organic.