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Optimal Health Is the Best Insurance
By L.A. Dawson

For most people, health insurance entails deductibles (sometimes quite high) and co-pays. Then there is the common problem of having to fight to get a procedure, treatment, or drug covered. With catastrophic illnesses, these payments can ruin lives. People sometimes seek out alternative care to try to reclaim their health, which adds to their growing debt.
Therefore, the key to optimal health is ongoing preventive care. There is a myriad of conflicting information that either favors or denies the benefits of every diet, vitamin, or health craze. Doctors and nutritionists argue impressively about both sides. Many of us have tried various paths to find optimal health.
My response to this debate is to share what I have learned on my personal journey to health. Writing wellness articles from research and experience has led to my current studies in health and life coaching. The hope, and hidden gem, is that health and life coaching can help fill the gap in clients’ health journeys.
Eating well can often negate the need to spend time fighting insurance companies. A health coach can guide you away from unhealthy habits. Small steps can reap big results. And when we’re feeling successful we want to continue to achieve positive results. Health is forever and is a mind, body, and spirit connection. If we tell our body to get in line with what our brain tells it, i.e. “Body you are perfectly healthy,” studies show this has a positive impact on health.
For my personal path, I choose life and health with a preventive mindset. I am pleased to announce Live and Heal Health and Life Coaching. Please join me on my odyssey of accountability to self, replacing bad habits with good ones, and taking small steps that successfully address health and life challenges.

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