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Silversands Grenada: Where silver is gold

Let’s face it: Few surprises are left in the Caribbean. Sure, there’s no shortage of beauty, and just how lucky are we to be in such close proximity to literally dozens of the best beaches in the world? But, don’t you sometimes yearn for something off the beaten path and somewhat undiscovered?

That diamond these days is Grenada. If you’re a history or politics buff, you’ve heard of its complicated and bloody coup in the early 1980s, followed by a U.S. invasion that quickly restored democracy. Locals don’t dwell on that unfortunate episode anymore. In fact, their focus these days seems to be on something much more hospitable: island visitors.

Dubbed “Spice Isle” because of its renown as one of the world’s most prolific suppliers of nutmeg, Grenada, one of the beguiling islands in the West Indies, is situated just 500 miles northeast of Venezuela. The heart of the island is its capital, St. George’s, where colorful homes, Georgian buildings, a world-class medical school, and early-18th-century Fort George overlook the narrow Carenage Harbor.

Unlike most of its Caribbean kin, this sovereign nation is on the larger side and wows with its varied topography. In a matter of minutes, you can travel from a pristine beach to a mountainous jungle awash with exotic flora and fauna.

Here’s a pro tip: When visiting, opt into a full-day private tour. It will set you back a whopping — get this — $80. You’ll see monkeys, waterfalls, giant bugs, petroglyphs, and other fascinating attractions, making Grenada more of an adventure than your typical island getaway.

Speaking of things that wow, Grenada upped the ante big time in 2018 with the opening of Silversands Grenada, arguably one of the most exquisite resorts in the region. Located on the iconic Grand Anse Beach, the luxury property is both close to the airport and any other amenity you require, and yet it’s a complete world away from it all.

Silversands Grenada boasts the longest pool in the Caribbean at 100 meters. Okay, we won’t dwell on that accolade because, while it definitely is a grand centerpiece, it’s but one of many reasons to visit.

Here are our top three other reasons.

  1. Rooms and suites.

    Download the Silversands Grenada app and you’re on your way to a frictionless experience that has been described as “rapturous.” We agree. Floor-to-ceiling windows let the natural beauty of the island flow into every room. Each bed, chair, and sofa is positioned for maximum views. Go all in on a penthouse suite for extreme comfort and the most spectacular sunset views over the Caribbean Sea.Check out the Beachfront Villas for something a little closer to earth and a level of luxury that is nearly unmatched.

  2. The foodI’ll come right out and say it: The Caribbean is generally cursed by its cuisine. Silversands Grenada has broken that spell with its multiple dining options for exceptional food. The grand Asiatique integrates Asian cooking methods with Grenadian spices: specific island-grown ingredients overlap with Asian flavors such as ginger, Thai basi, kaffir lime, cinnamon and cloves and local ingredients in an exotic and intimate atmosphere.

    The pool and beachside Grenadian Grill blends local fare with flavors from that other favorite sea, the Mediterranean. Don’t miss Puro, which takes the trendy cigar bar to a whole new level. This intimate cigar and rum lounge the lounge features a large collection of rare Caribbean rums and small-batch rums from Costa Rica, Fiji, El Salvador and Japan. Rare cognacs are also on the menu, including Hennessy 8 cognac which is served at $8,000 per shot.

  3. The spa.Again, like the resort itself, this oasis within an oasis is not to be outdone. In fact, you can even co-opt the spa’s own sizeable pool for more private relaxation. Don’t miss the treatments, though, which combine global massage techniques, ancient traditions, and the power of aromatherapy to rejuvenate the body and mind. The menu includes local ingredients like Nutmeg Oil for massages, creating a highly aromatic and deeply relaxing experience. Cool off and achieve bliss in the Ice Cave.

    Admit it. If you’re beguiled by the Caribbean, you endure the annual ritual of laboring over where to visit each year. Go out on a limb (and a little farther south than you’re used to) in 2020, and let your feet slip into Silversands Grenada.