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Travel in Style This Winter with T. Anthony Luxury Luggage

Arrive at your destination in style this Winter with T. Anthony’s unique and elegant luggage. Launched in 1946, Theodore Anthony’s stylish and durable luxury luggage quickly became the travel companion of choice for British and Hollywood royalty, not to mention American Presidents. A must-have for elite globetrotters today, T. Anthony continues to craft its suitcases with hardwood frames and solid brass hardware, as well as soft-shelled canvas and leather options.

The iconic New York luggage brand has introduced a new line of polycarbonate luggage to keep travelers feeling organized, elegant and well packed! Reimagining the classic T. Anthony canvas material by deconstructing it into warp and weft, and interpreting that texture in a Virgin Polycarbonate shell—the highest quality casing in the marketplace today. The new line is lightweight and features organizational pockets and a quilted compression pad on the interior for utmost protection of your personal items. Hinomoto wheels ensure the smoothest ride in 360’ degrees; glide every which way you are headed. The leather handles have been designed to satisfy the most discerning and seasoned traveler; retractable leather handles for easy and fast delivery and a telescopic handle for quick and precise movements. The cases are designed with an elegant adjustable web security strap featuring a non-scratch pocket. As one has come to expect of T. Anthony luggage, there is a discreet monogrammable leather patch.The new bag is perfect for dealing with the rigors of Winter travel.

Theodore Anthony put himself on the map when he custom made bags for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. In addition to the British Royals, T. Anthony bags have been favorites of Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O, Sir Elton John and many more. The high end luggage line includes a wide range of classic duffle bags, totes, suitcases, garment bags and accessories.

T. Anthony continues to remain true to the standards that have carried them into the 21st Century. As an American luxury goods house, their use of the finest leather and materials creates a unique and elegant product offering; one that is accompanied by innovative designs made by highly skilled craftsmen. The end result is a product with the look and feel of pure luxury.

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