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Berry Blonde Spa’s Dorota Wallace

“My intention has always been to create a space where women feel empowered, appreciated, understood, and respected,” says Dorota Wallace, the founder and owner of Berry Blonde Spa, Social Life’s favorite Manhattan spot for all things beauty — inside and out. Dorota strives to help her clients be more confident with or without a treatment. She is the real deal and will give you solid advice on how to care for your skin. In fact, she’s turned clients away from certain treatments when she did not believe it was a good fit. This is precisely why we love her! 

Dorota started experimenting with certain treatments and machines on herself and started to see significant improvements to her skin. Everything on her menu of services has been tested several times on herself first! She is living proof of the effectiveness. 

As you get ready for a season of entertainment and celebrations, here are a few of Dorota’s signature treatments:

Fabulous Facials

A must-try is the Red Carpet Oxygen Facial. Everything from anti-aging to treating problematic skin to super hydrating blasts, Dorota’s facials leave you feeling plush and rejuvenated —and looking a few years younger. 

Endosphères Therapy

This Italian machine gives amazing results for cellulite as well as for a bum lift and breast lift. It’s new on the market and Berry Blonde Spa is one of the first in NYC to have it.

Brilliant Body Sculpting

Trigli Fat Freeze is similar to other brands, but Dorota’s secret sauce is a German-made machine that is way superior to others in quality. It’s great for reducing fat and inches. It has skin-tightening capability built-in, and we can already see the results in the areas she treated. Forty-five minutes and, voila, a tighter bum and belly can be yours! 

Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Berry Blonde Spa and Dorota bring state-of-the-art equipment and expert knowledge to enhancing not only appearance, but also overall health. She is amazing. When you meet her, you’ll believe it. 

Dorota’s Top Beauty Tips for Travel & The Holidays

  Always bring cosmetic wipes on the airplane (instant fresh feel).

  Always bring a hydrating cream mask and have it on during a flight.

  Always drink water with high PH to neutralize acidity from drinking coffee. 

  Lymphatic drainage massage for face and body before or after traveling. Phenomenal.

  Avoid processed food, inflammatory food, alcohol.

  Oxygen treatment for face and body — skin’s best friend this time of the year.

  Oxygen inhalation treatment (get fresh perspective on life with a fully energized brain with O2).

  Good time for detox: go easy on coffee, increase water intake, green juices, and veggies.

Berry Blonde Spa 

767 Lexington Avenue Suite 402