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Thomas J. Henry Launches Direct Effort to Provide Shelter and Restore Education in Post-Earthquake Southern Puerto Rico

Leading Texas Lawyer take direct charitable action to aid families in Devastated areas of Puerto Rico

Thomas J. Henry, Attorney and Founder of Texas based leading law Firm Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys visited the town of Guayanilla in South Puerto Rico and made a donation of 200 tents to assist in speed up the process of re-opening schools in the areas that have been most affected by the recent earthquake swarm comprising some eleven magnitude 5 quakes starting December 28, 2019 through January 2020.

Since the beginning of his legal career and the inception of his law firm, Thomas J. Henry has supported national and international charitable causes with the underpinning desire to spread the benefits of his own success and philosophy that It is only through human interaction and helping others that we form a closer community, closer country, and closer world

Students and teachers of the towns of Guánica, Guayanilla and Yauco will be able to use the 200 tents as classrooms equipped with tables, desks, and other necessary materials.

Adrián Rivera, Nelson Torres, Thomas J. Henry

In addition to Thomas J. Henry (Attorney and Founder of Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys), Nelson Torres (Mayor of Guayanilla), Cesar O. González (Commissioner for Security and Emergency Management), Leyda E. Cruz Berrios (Special Assistant to the Secretary of Education), Adrián Rivera (Vice-President of Marketing and Sales for Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers) and John Sweeney (CEO of Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys), were all present at the press conference to offered additional information on the subject.

It is expected that some schools will begin classes using this donation by Mr. Henry within weeks. Among the schools that will benefit from this donation include: Escuela Aristides Cales, la Escuela Elsa E. Cuoto Annoni, la Escuela Vocacional Luis Muñoz Marín, amongst others.

Stay Strong Puerto Rico Panel

“After hearing about the destroyed homes and families left without power or water, I wanted to do whatever I could to help,” Thomas J. Henry stated. He is also grateful for the collaboration with Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers and its president, Alberto de la Cruz, who helped in the process of enabling the logistics behind installing the donated tents with some 25 employees of Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers offered their help.

The personal initiative of Thomas J. Henry has transformed into a collaborative effort with the local Government, Community and the Department of Education coming together to help achieve a sense of normalcy for children in the midst of a disaster zone. Safe locations have been identified to install the tents, close to the community in order to help parents and students feel calm.

Leyda E. Cruz Berrios (Special Assistant to the Secretary of Education) commented in the press conference, “We understand this effort is not just an effort of the Department of Education or the State, it is of a family called Puerto Rico. We all need help. This is why, when we heard about Thomas J. Henry and Coca-Cola, we were filled with excitement. I remember when we finished setting up a tent in Guayanilla, in the Asunción School, the teachers began hugging and crying”

John Sweeney, Adrián Rivera, Nelson Torres, Thomas J. Henry, Leyda E. Cruz Berrios, and friends


Puerto Rico Damage from earthquake


Photo Credit: ©Gabriela Garcia

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