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British Thoughts to Action: Changing The Face of Digital Publishing

Famed fashion photographer Zainea Alexandru Emanuel has had work featured in some of the most notable magazines the world over. In 2017, Emanuel founded British Thoughts, a magazine built on self-development while highlighting the latest in beauty, fashion, art, and more. In the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Emanuel wanted to give companies who may have had to make financial adjustments due to the global crisis the opportunity to utilize his platform to not only advertise their brands but expose his readers to these companies and create a direct bridge between the two.

Emanuel decided to dedicate 30% of the
British Thoughts platform to helping businesses via affordable promotion through online advertorials and other forms of audio/visual media that will bring many new and upcoming brands to the attention of his sophisticated readers. “The new platform will function as a global bridge for brands interested in getting into the European market,” Emanuel states. There’s no doubt that after this, digital publishing will never be the same. 

Building the Bridge

The new platform will offer affordable membership packages to businesses, utilizing B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) strategies with content that connects readers, consumers, and businesses. “In my point of view, it is important to move to another level in terms of informing ourselves,” Emanuel explains. “One way we can do that is having a different mindset and upgrading our thoughts and approach to things.” Companies outside the United Kingdom will also be able to get into the market with customized advertising packages.  

Heart-to-Heart: The New Business Model

Emanuel is revolutionizing digital publishing for the better; combining marketing, advertising, and e-commerce in ways that have never been seen. The new business platform keeps with the theme of self-development by educating readers with informative stories, and the ventures into advertising will bring readership (old and new) to British Thoughts, helping brands bounce back from their financial hardships. “My priority wasn’t really what we could gain from this but how we could help as a community,” Emanuel says. “I’m a creative at my core. I use my brain but work with my heart. In a world that leans toward electronics and technology, it’s important to remember we are human, and we have to continue to find new ways to think and be creative.”