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Dr. Anna Avaliani


By Laura Witherspoon


Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Dr. Anna Avaliani specializes in non-invasive cosmetic and laser surgery. She is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and a diplomate of the American Board of Medical Specialties. She is a recipient of multiple prestigious awards, a national GAIN trainer for injectables, a member of the prestigious Galderma faculty, and a board advisor for numerous anti-aging committees.

Her signature treatment is 3D skin rejuvenation, which involves a thorough facial anatomy evaluation. The treatment starts with restoring facial support, adding volume to deflated or sunken areas, and then removing superficial lines, wrinkles, and folds using combination injection and laser therapies. Social Life sat down with Dr. Avaliani to learn more about what makes her so sought after in Manhattan for beauty treatments.


How would your clients describe you?

I am regarded as a true artist with a vision and a skilled hand. Some of my patients refer to me as Picasso and a modern version of the late Dr. Brandt. An artist, a visionary, a teacher, and a student striving for more knowledge and self improvement for better techniques, lasers, injections, and results for my patients.


What is your consultation approach?

I have what I call a secret skill in which I envision a patient’s outcome and then use my artistic skills along with high-end tools to help achieve the most natural and desirable results which all my patients absolutely love. I take my time during consultations to listen to each concern, evaluate the patient’s facial anatomy, get a feel for their realistic expectations, and then I explain and educate them on their signs of aging using many educational books which depict aging. I never focus on one feature, but rather make all features come together. Being a GAIN national trainer for the Galderma aesthetics company, I am also super excited to soon receive the first-ever 3D virtual-reality teaching app called Gia to educate my colleagues, students, and patients.

When would you turn a patient away?

When I sense that their expectations are not realistic, and I know that surgery will give them their desired result. I always give them options of doing nothing, trying the best non-surgical options, or, if I believe they need surgery, I advise them to get a surgical consultation.


What is the age range for your patients?

The youngest patient for injections is 18 and the oldest is 87.


What areas can you treat?

I do not stop at the face. We treat the full body. Even the face has multiple areas which need to be supported, like temples, upper cheeks, and corners of the jaw line and chin. It’s about attention to detail. We love rejuvenating ear lobes. We offer non-surgical nose augmentation, non-surgical chin augmentation. We love and treat sagging neck skin, chest wrinkles, saggy breasts, upper-arm flabbiness, aging hands, abdominal loose skin after pregnancy, inner-thigh and above-knee loose skin. We also love toning, lifting flat or saggy butts without surgery.


How do you make your patients feel comfortable?

I utilize my custom-blend numbing cream formulated by me and compounded by my pharmacy. I also use micro-cannulas for injections to minimize bruising, swelling, and injection discomfort. We utilize a special vein-finder light to minimize and eliminate bruising. I also offer pain-free treatment with the ProNox nitrous oxide system, which relaxes the patient and provides a comfortable experience even for the most scared and anxious patients.


Anna Avaliani, M.D.

30 East 60th Street, Suite 1100