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Engage: A Smarter Way To Find The Perfect Ring

Seems every time we go on Instagram lately, someone is getting engaged. COVID-19 has certainly brought many couples closer. ENGAGE Jewelry App featuring AI Technology has officially launched, offering a brand new way for customized, at-home engagement ring designing, and it is our new obsession.

With the stay-at-home orders continuing to plague the nation, users can discover a new way of shopping for wedding and engagement rings by virtue of an always on mobile solution.  Set to revolutionize the way engagement ring selection takes place with at-home customization and design, Engage breaks down the buying process to quickly call attention to what the consumer actually wants, letting users curate every single element from band and metal, to diamond shape, size, and clarity. Couples can design their perfect ring in a smarter way, with proprietary technology that utilizes AI to learn preferences of the individual user and make smart recommendations based on their selections. (

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Engage App saves favorites as the user goes through the design and search process, acting as a virtual consultant. Users can even connect to their Pinterest account, allowing the App to develop smart recommendations for the buyer, showcasing ring band, and diamond options to match the profile imported from the App.  To take it one step further, the App also captures the user’s preferences for price, style, shape, metal-type & more using familiar swipe-style UX, similar to the swiping mechanism of Apps like Tinder, Bumble, Instagram and Rent The Runway. One additional key differentiator to the Engage App, is that pricing is always adjusted to be competitive in the marketplace, without the need for price comparison shopping, as real-time market data is built into the App’s algorithm.  

The App uses computer vision technology to develop smart recommendations to the buyer showcasing rings and diamonds matching the profile from the App.  Using the Swipe-Style UX,  the App can further identify patterns via machine learning to continually re-order the inventory displayed in the app-flow based on what the user likes and dislikes from the feed of over 100,000 diamonds. Users can then take a picture of their hand via the AI Try-On Feature to see the ring they’ve built mapped on their finger and share the virtual ring image on their hand with a partner via social, text, or email.

Whether you want to design a ring to match your favorite celebrity style or pull inspiration from your mood board, Engage can assist along the journey to make a forever ring unforgettable, both in design and experience.  Engage allows you to be your own jewelry designer and facilitate an alternative yet highly memorable engagement process.  Whether the bride-to-be wants to create her design with a specific concept in mind,  their partner wishes to design it, or the process is a joint creation, Engage will provide every option possible for a beautiful, top quality, diamond wedding ring.

If your dream is to have a trendy, highly coveted celebrity engagement ring like Hailey Bieber (oversized oval-cut diamond), Jennifer Lopez (unforgettable emerald-cut), Gabrielle Union (8.5-carat cushion cut diamond), Kim Kardashian (platinum-set cushion cut), and Demi Lovato’s brand new Emerald-cut three stone ringit can become a reality in the comfort of their own home by the magic that is the Engage jeweler app.  Whatever type of ring, diamond, and design captures their heart, it can be designed right from the couch to absolute perfection and delivered right to the front door.  Engage, the revolutionary App that will forever revolutionize the jewelry industry and the way couples shop for rings offers a quality ring designing experience that has never been seen before in the virtual space.

Regarding the diamond selection of Engage, all are ethically sourced and conflict-free. Truly colorless diamonds are the most rare, and therefore the most valuable. The App allows the user to choose shape, carat, color, cut, and clarity. This customization tool is far beyond any jewelry App or tool currently available to a consumer shopping for a diamond ring.  

With e-commerce and mobile shopping as our preferred mode of consumption, people are shifting their shopping habits, consuming digital media, exploring virtual retail destinations, and downloading new apps daily. Consumers can also make an appointment to video chat with an Engage professional for additional consultation.  Based on what the user has previously selected or viewed in the App, an associate will view the same rings and diamonds, or offer something similar to share with the user on their video chat. One of Engage’s experts will be available for text chat 24/7. This element of live video chat will bring the store experience right into the user’s home.

According to Engage App founder Michael Pollak, “Engage reinvents the digital toolset by creating advanced AI algorithms, enhanced by computer vision to recreate the consumer journey (UI/UX). The platform analyzes 1000’s of data sets to challenge the existing pricing paradigm and then pairs it with Social Media profiles and UGC to deliver instant user results.”

You can download Engage: Wedding rings builder in the app store for iPhone or iPad