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Linjie Deng: Hamptons Virtual Art Fair

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Chameleon 2020

Linjie Deng, a New York City multi-media artist, was invited to display his solo exhibition of 25 artworks, Chameleon 2020, as a Featured International Level Artist in the recently concluded Hamptons Virtual Art Fair. The HVAF consisted of 70 highly regarded international artists and galleries. Linjie’s show had several thousand virtual gallery views and was the fourth-highest Hamptons Art Gallery booth seen during the VIP Preview. Throughout the exhibition, Linjie received over 10,000 likes and engagements on social media; his account was littered with many positive comments, such as those from Roxana Marcoci, MoMA Senior curator, and Jason Binn, CEO / Founder of Du Jour media, editor of Getty, and Founder of Niche Media.

Orange Singer

Los Angeles gallery owner Niels Kantor praised Linjie’s “NEWS” bathtub depiction, as did Suzanne Mitchell, a private collector in Chicago who established Suzanne Mitchell Asian Fine Arts in 1996. Mitchell applauded the “NEWS” acrylic painting, saying “I particularly loved his Hokusai wave in the bathtub!  A marvelous piece of art!”


Other Reviews

Other commenters included Liu Bolin, a world-famous Chinese artist, who said, “Your work is excellent, mature and powerful.”

Gone with Cloud

Nick Pozek, former manager of Arts & Culture Digital Strategy, Asia Society, said, “The calligraphy pieces are wonderfully composed. I am especially partial to the 美 “Mei” Chinese Calligraphy on English newsprint with the Mark Zuckerberg reference.”


Three of Linjie’s works sold during the show, including “Air” from the Teeth Falling Out series, price $7,500.


From the same series, “Rain” was sold with an asking price of $7,500.


For $15,000, “Hope and Freedom” from the Yin-Yang Calligraphy series was sold. Over 30 different major media outlets reported on Linjie’s show, Chameleon 2020, including Art Net, Business Insider, NY Post, and Social Life Magazine.

Hope and Freedom

More About Linjie:

The critically acclaimed Chinese-American painter and master calligrapher’s work has been shown in both China and at the Museum of Chinese in America. His work was presented right alongside classic masterpieces of Renoir, Monet, and Picasso at the Hampton’s Virtual Art Fair. His collection includes social justice-inspired pieces, calligraphy works, and abstract paintings.

Social Justice-inspired pieces: New York, I Love You & Password

Visit Linjie’s website to view more of his pieces.